December 8, 2023

Muhammad Ullah: At least 18 children have been died in Uzbekistan after consuming syrup made by India`s Marion Biotech Pvt Ltd. Earlier, 70 children died in the African country of Gambia after consuming syrup made by an Indian company.

Eighteen children have died so far after consuming cough syrup made by Indian drugmaker Marion Biotech Pvt Ltd, Uzbekistan`s health department said on Wednesday.

“Preliminary laboratory studies have shown that this series of Doc-1 Max syrup contains ethylene glycol. This substance is toxic, and about 1-2 ml/kg of a 95% concentrated solution can cause serious changes in the patient`s health, such as vomiting.

Al-Jazeera reported that 21 children with acute respiratory distress received Doc-1 Max syrup, and 18 of them later died. The drug is marketed as a treatment for cold and flu symptoms, according to the company`s website.

A batch of the syrup was found to contain ethylene glycol, a toxic substance, according to Uzbekistan`s health ministry.

Earlier last October, 70 children died of kidney failure in Gambia, Africa. A preliminary investigation revealed that the syrup manufactured by the Indian drug company Maiden Pharmaceuticals was the cause of kidney failure in children less than five years of age.

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