September 23, 2023

Syed Atik: The first phase of Bishwa Ijtema has started on Friday on the bank of Turag River in Tongi, Gazipur. After the Fajr prayer on Friday, the Ijtema began with the Ambayan of Pakistan’s Maulana Ziaul Haque. After that, millions of devout Muslims from home and abroad offered Friday prayers there. Khatib of Kakrail Mosque and Shura member of Tablighi, Maulana Zobair, delivered the khutba and imam in the second largest congregation of the Muslim Ummah. At the end of the prayer, the worshipers raised their hands and prayed to Allah Ta’ala.
Thousands of people from different parts of home and abroad are taking participating in the Biswa Ijtema. They rushed to the Ijtema Maidan from the early morning to take part in the country’s largest Jumma prayer. Being unable to find a place on the main ground, thousands of Muslims offered prayers by standing on adjacent roads, footpaths, and empty spaces around the Ijtema ground. Many people offer Friday prayers by spreading mats, polythene, and newspapers on rooftops of houses, on boats, and cars.
Earlier after dawn on Friday (January 13), the first phase of Biswa Ijtema officially began with the Aaam Bayan by Maulana Ziaul Huque of Bangladesh. The first phase will continue until Sunday (January 15). On that day, the first phase of the Biswa Ijtema will end with offering the last prayer (Akheri Munajat).
After Jumma prayers, Maulana Ismail delivered speech while Maulana Zubair will delivered speeches after Asr, Maulana Ahmed and Omar Farooq delivered speeches after Magreb prayers.
This time the followers of Maulana Zubair participated in the first phase of the Biswa Ijtema. Foreign devotees as well as those from 64 districts of the country are taking part in it.
The second phase of Biswa Ijtema will officially begin next Friday (January 20). Maulana Saad followers of 64 districts of the country will take part in it. There will also be foreign devotees. Similarly, this year’s (2023) Biswa Ijtema will end with the last prayer on January 22.

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