July 20, 2024

Staff Correspondent: The government has taken a project of Tk. 1 thousand 751 crore and 50 lakh  to provide water and sanitation facilities in 30 municipalities of the country. The project has been approved by the ‘Economic Committee of the National Executive Council ‘ (ECNEC) meeting. It is being implemented by the Directorate of Public Health Engineering of the Ministry of Local Government. Water and Sanitation to the residents of the designated areas through thisThose concerned are hoping to get benefits. Work is already underway in the project area. Work is scheduled to be completed by December July 2023. Currently, project implementation is progressing towards success. According to sources, the project entitled “Water supply and sanitation in 30 municipalities in Bangladesh” supported by the joint financial support of the World Bank and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was carried out by the Directorate of Public Health and Engineering.Under implementation. The main objective of the project is to develop water supply, sanitation and drainage systems in the 30 municipalities under the project. Work orders have already been issued for most of the works. At present, the implementation of the project is ongoing at the municipal level. If the project is implemented, the people of the municipality will get the opportunity to use water directly. This will benefit 6 lakh people during the project period. Moreover under the projectThe established sanitation system will enable the poor people of the municipality to use sanitary latrines. One and a half lakh people will be benefited. These development works will be included Goalando, Panchbibi, Akkelpur, Banpara, Baraigram, Katakhali, Taherpur, Bagha, Islampur, Tarabo, Ullapara, Raiganj, Akhaura, Dhanbari, Madhupur, Bhuapur, Debidwar, Homna, Chowagacha, Senbagh. , Ramgati, Parashuram, Banskhani,Chandanish, Kamalganj, Baralekha, Nachol, Gangni, Shibganj and Kahalu Municipalities.

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