July 18, 2024

Moon Desk: China’s Global Times reported that the The World Muslim Communities Council World Council (TWMCC) visited the Uyghur region on January 9, 2023, with more than 30 Islamic scholars from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) attending. Where did this organization, which has neither had any publicity nor ever come forward on international issues before, come from? Are we to believe that H.E. Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, who had never spoken a word about Uyghurs in his meetings, suddenly became concerned about us?
Let’s look at the characteristics of the visit and his statement: “The level of attention that we found in Xinjiang embodies [the] determination of Chinese leadership to serve all the components of the people in the region.”
Al Nuaimi’s statement implies that, during his visit, he believed in the smiles on the faces of the Uyghurs, the praise they offered, and the excitement in their dances. Setting aside the fact that East Turkistan is a colonial place, it is no secret that China is a one-party state and that people cannot speak the truth under such a regime. To not realize that China was showing an artificial stage and a political drama, one would have to be either weak-minded or a player in the drama.
Al Nuaimi went on to state, “We congratulate China on the completion of the anti-terrorist plan in Xinjiang.”
The TWMCC, which concluded that China’s commission of genocide against the Uyghurs is a war against terrorism, did not visit any of the more than 100 exiled Uyghur organizations or speak with 50 available camp survivors or hundreds of Uyghur situation experts before or during the visit. For an urgent international issue like the Uyghur genocide, instead of listening to the opinions of both sides involved in the problem, their one-sided approach is unacceptable from the perspectives of science, Islam and humanity.
Mr. Al Nuaimi was impressed by the materials in China’s exhibition on terrorism and lectured, “…we think it’s the responsibility of wise people everywhere to understand that the threat of terrorism and extremism is not a threat to one single nation or a single region. It’s a threat to the world.”
I wonder why they ignore the report of the UN Human Rights Commission, which they also sit in, as it shows that China has included even a simple religious worship in the category of terrorism. Why weren’t they impressed by the innocence and desperation of the detainees in the leaked Xinjiang Police Files?
Al Nuaimi also said, “Uyghur youth need a persuasive discourse that will win their minds so that they do not fall prey to terrorist groups.”
If he had any scholarly aptitude, he would have spoken a sentence or two about how the Chinese state of terror, which has imprisoned more than three million Uyghurs, is exterminating Uyghur youth. If he had a scintilla of knowledge about what was occurring in the greater Muslim world, he would have visited the residential building where 44 Uyghurs—mothers and children—were burned in a fire in front of the entire world one month ago because of locked doors due to China’s lockdown period.
He also said, “Caring for Muslims in China is [a] great necessity.” We have been hearing similar sugar-coated words every day for 70 years from China’s propaganda agencies.
In Islam, acting for one’s own interests by pretending to think about Muslims is considered hypocrisy and treason; Of course, it cannot be considered standards of scholars.
From the online reactions to this visit, it is understood that the Uyghurs did not even want the Uyghur name to be pronounced by the TWMCC members; because no goodness can be expected from a hypocrite.
Al Nuaimi also stated, “China’s security and stability are not only [a] national interest of China, but [a] global interest.” Really? According to this logic, eliminating the Uyghurs from the planet is in the world’s interest! If he had at least said, “…from the perspective of the strategic interests of the United Arab Emirates,” although unethical, it would have been an expert opinion.
Thus, this visit was not an independent investigation but rather aimed at covering up China’s crimes against humanity, especially the Uyghur genocide.
The TWMCC is not a true NGO, as evidenced not only by the characteristics of its visit but also by its origin, birth, and structure:
The council was established in the UAE. As is known, the UAE is a regime that inherits power from its ancestors, not from the people, and it maintains its throne by imprisoning and eliminating all dissidents. Thus, it is a country with a poor human rights record every year in Freedom House’s (US) annual report. How can an NGO exist in a dictatorial regime? When it becomes a mere puppet of the government.
As famous journalist Bilal Abdulkerim once said, “This council is an extension of the government of the UAE, not a civil organization.” Moreover, the founder of the organization, Mr. Al Nuaimi, is an official in the government of the UAE, so he is no different from the President of Xinjiang Islamic Association , Abdurreqib Tohtiniyaz, whom he met in Urumqi. The only difference is that Mr. Tohtiniyaz has a high school diploma , and Mr. Al Nuaimi has a Ph.D. This group does not represent Islamic scholars, but rather is representative of the United Arab Emirates and/or Arab dictators. In fact, the presence of the former Minister of Culture of Saudi Arabia and the adviser to the president of Egypt among the group is more proof of this reality.
Al Nuaimi’s statement that “Reasonable people all over the world need a safe, stable, and prosperous China” is nothing more than a political statement that aims to disseminate the following: For dictatorial systems to survive in the world, China, which is the leader, role model, and protector of dictators, must stand firm and not fall.
The title says that another fake NGO is on stage because Michelle Bachelet, High Commissioner of the UNHRC, complained that she faced pressure from more than 300 NGOs around the world not to publish the Uyghur report. Our investigation revealed that this pressure came from fake civil organizations created by the CCP inside and outside of China .
China’s white paper also said that officials invited more than 1,000 people from more than 50 countries and organized a visit to a “vocational training center” in 2018. It was revealed that among the highly anticipated “investigators” were wives of African ambassadors.
The “diplomats”, “journalists”, “researchers” and “spouses” who visited East Turkestan could no longer deny the Uighur genocide. The bold statements of Albanian scientist Olsi Yazıcı and Japanese scientist Tomoya Obokata destroyed all propaganda along with China’s leaked documents.
The TWMCC’s visit was incapable of covering up the Uyghur genocide. On the contrary, it exposed the corruption of Arab dictatorial regimes and the brutality and cunning of the Chinese autocracy.

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