July 20, 2024

Muhammad Ullah: When India insulted the approval of the resolution presented by Pakistan against Islamophobia in the United Nations General Assembly, Noam Chomsky was remembered. He said that “Islamophobia, which was born in the West, has now taken its most deadly form in India.” Modi has left the minorities in India at the mercy of extremist Hindus. This country has now become a stronghold of extremists. India’s delusion did not work and the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution against Islamophobia and declared March 15 as the International Day for the Elimination of Islamophobia. Although it took almost two-and-a-half decades for the international community to recognise the growing hatred against Muslims around the world and take steps to address it, it can be said that the sooner, the better.

There is a long history of global conspiracies and wars imposed on Muslims. If these wars are studied, it will be understood that new terms have been introduced against Muslims in different periods. Something similar happened after 9/11 when America faced the biggest terror in its history. After this incident, the western media came into action and a large-scale work was started against the Muslims. Muslims were introduced as “barbarians” and “terrorists”, Muslims’ Holy figures were insulted, and Islamic teachings were distorted. All this was done to tell the world that Muslims were terrorists and that Islam was not a religion of peace and security. When the western media had created a terrible environment against Muslims, minds created consequently were called victims of Islamophobia and the thinking and behaviour based on fear, hatred and prejudice against Muslims was called “Islamophobia.”

There is a long history of global conspiracies and wars imposed on Muslims.

Phobia basically refers to a patient who is afraid of something. Thus, Islamophobia came to mean “fear of Islam.” The result was that the wave of Islamophobia around the world, especially in secular countries, had become more intense. Instead of stopping the fire, the fire continued to be poured, especially through media. At the level of individuals and institutions, insulting the Holy figures of Muslims continued, “insulting sketches continued to be made” and the sentiments of Muslims were deliberately provoked by the media. When protested, the heinous act of creating insulting cartoons was given the umbrella of freedom of expression. Contests of derogatory sketches were held and prizes were awarded to those who took part in such despicable contests. Books were written against Muslims, and films were made, in which it was told that Muslims are responsible for all the evil in the world.

In many countries, including India, France and Germany, such steps were taken by the public as well as the governments. Sometimes, there were reports of copies of the Holy Quran being martyred in European countries like Sweden, and sometimes, pictures showed the desecration of holy books at the hands of American soldiers. The situation worsened to such an extent that individual Muslim families started being targeted. Sometimes, 60 worshipers were martyred by shooting in a mosque in New Zealand and on other occasions, filth was thrown in the mosques. These incidents gradually increased to an alarming extent.

As a result of Islamophobia, voices in support of Muslims have stopped rising, even in those regions of the world, where atrocities and violence were going on against Muslims. When Muslim massacres became normal in other parts of Kashmir and Palestine, new massacres like Rohingyas started to take place. In such a situation, India and Israel got an open exemption. Not only did Israel’s atrocities on Palestinians increase enormously, but officers were promoted in the Israeli army who had special expertise in atrocities on Muslims in any respect. Along with awarding these officers, they should also be highlighted at the global level so that other countries also participate in these anti-Muslim activities. In the same way, fire and bloodshed were being played by India in Occupied Kashmir, but at the same time, the Muslim-killing policy was also started in India. Individually and collectively, the gangsters of Hindutva were given free rein gone Videos from India were so heartwarming that the world was shocked.

In the beginning, the Muslim countries remained silent on this whole situation, but then regularly, a series of measures were started to raise awareness about the harmful effects of Islamophobia and their solutions. Conferences were organized at the international level, and the voice of Muslims was conveyed to non-Muslims. To end its effects, the World Day against Islamophobia was then declared. A letter was sent to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg asking him to remove the content on Facebook that insults the Prophet of Islam.

Twitter, Google and Meta launched special efforts as part of a shared commitment to counter hateful conduct online, however, have failed so far. Twitter failed to remove 3759,180 anti-Muslim tweets, which have done little or nothing to remove anti-Muslim content from their platforms. This action is having a devastating impact on Muslim minority communities throughout the world, with the microblogging site Twitter becoming a primary source for the proliferation. The international community has to play its special role in this regard so that it can be completely eradicated.

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