February 29, 2024

Kurigram Correspondent: A 62 kg Baghair fish was caught in the Brahmaputra River at Chilmari in Kurigram district. Catching such a big fish in spring is a rare event. The visitors were shocked after catching the fish from the river. Later, the fish changed hands and came to Nageshari Upazila. After bringing that fish to the market, enthusiasts gather there. On Friday morning, the fish was cut and sold at the Nageshari municipal market at the rate of 1600 taka per kg. The value of the fish is about one lakh taka.

The fish was brought to the Asia Market at Kurigram’s Nageshwari Bus Stand around 10 pm on Thursday in a battery-powered autorickshaw. The fish was all over the seat of the autorickshaw. Everyone was shocked to see such a big fish. There are many discussions about it. There is a frenzy of taking selfies from time to time. Because the price is high, many people will not be able to get this fish, so hope picture.

Hanif, a fish trader from Banurkhamar area of ​​Nageshwari upazila, said that a local fisherman caught fish in Brahmaputra River in Chilmari on Thursday afternoon. He bought the fish from his car for 50 thousand to Nageshwari. The price is high, so the buyer is less. On Friday morning, I cut the fish and sold it at the rate of 1600 taka per kg. Sold for 99 thousand 200 taka. It has cost a lot. People had to go to bed. Still there will be profit. The big thing is that it has a lot of love. Such big fish are not always available. It is also a matter of luck. So I bought the fish out of love.

Kurigram District Fisheries Officer Kalipad Roy said, we are getting news of such big fishing. I heard there are many big fish in Brahmaputra River. Occasionally there are reports of large catches of various species. This means that the rivers of this district are still rich in fish resources. As the fishermen obeyed the hilsa prohibition period, the number of all kinds of fish in the river has increased. Big fish are being caught.

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