May 29, 2024

BSS, DHAKA:  Bangladesh and European Union (EU) on Sunday agreed to work together against disinformation observing that the evil practice has emerged as a global challenge now.

EU Ambassador to Bangladesh Charles Whitley in a meeting with State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Mohammad Ali Arafat at later’s secretariat office discussed the ways of working jointly against disinformation,

“We have discussed how we can collaborate and support each other to prevent the disinformation,” the state minister told journalists after the meeting.

Arafat said, disinformation and misinformation have exposed the whole humanity into a risk globally. The World Economic Forum (WEF) in its last meeting has enlisted it as the top emerging problem for mankind, he noted.

About the nature of the EU support, the state minister said they would help Bangladesh by exchanging ideas and sharing draft laws in addition to providing technological support.

Arafat said, “As it is a new phenomenon for the globe and none is yet to solve the problem, we are developing a partnership with the EU to find a mutual solution globally.”

The state minister made it clear that the government wants to prevent the disinformation without shrinking the space of press freedom.

The state minister said they also exchanged views regarding professional hazards and risks facing by journalists of Bangladesh and EU countries while discharging their duties during wartime, calamities and turmoil situation.

“I have talked about the scopes of further improvement of the working environment for journalists in Bangladesh as we want to ensure a healthy atmosphere in politics as well as mass media,” he said.

EU’s existing support to Bangladesh and collaboration in various areas also came in their discussion, Arafat said.

After the meeting, EU Ambassador Charles Whitley told journalists that the problem of disinformation is being addressed around the world and the EU is also working on this issue.

“We are very happy that the ministry invited us to share EU practices in this regard,” the envoy said.

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