July 20, 2024

Shamsuddin Parvez elected Chairman, Abu Hanif Secretary General

Special Correspondent: Bangladesh Welfare Party holds a Representative Meeting and Special Council in a hall room in the capital on Wednesday noon. Md. Shamsuddin Parvez elected chairman, while Muhammad Abu Hanif elected general secretary by the vote of the councilors present. With the direct help of special quarters and the obstruction of the administration, the booking of Abdus Salam Hall of Jatiya Press Club and later of Nasrul Hamid Auditorium of Dhaka Reporters Unit was cancelled.

Representatives and councilors from all over the country were present in the representative meeting and special council. According to Article 20(e) Article-1 and Article 6(e) of the constitution of the party, the former Chairman Major General Syed Mohammad Ibrahim, the then Secretary General and Additional Secretary General Abdul Awal Mamun and Abdullah Al Hasan Saqib were expelled for life on December 10, 2023, and party approved it.

After being elected, Mr. Abu Hanif, the Secretary General, said that the fight we started against injustice is continuing. History is a witness that we have never bowed down to injustice and we have never been sold to anyone for money. Without the resignation of this evil fascist government and elections under a non-partisan government, democracy and the rule of law will not return. He strongly condemned the helplessness of the National Press Club and DRU authorities.

Mr. Shamsuddin Parvez said in the president’s speech, “We have been struggling for democracy for 16 years, but we find it difficult to believe that there was a traitor in our house.” We toured across the country in a party and alliance manner and formed public opinion against the government. Since the beginning of the party, we have been integrally involved in the politics of the Kalyan Party, under the leadership of BNP in the anti-government movement and since the formation of the 12-party alliance as an alliance; Kalyan Party’s existence were in the movement and our struggle still now and will remain continue.

The councilors present from all over the country entrusted the newly elected chairman and general secretary with the responsibility of forming a full-fledged central executive committee with 121 members within the next 15 days.

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