July 20, 2024

Dear Jahangir Mirzo
How are you in Uzbekistan?
In the hard winter
In Bangladesh it is soft winter
By the by
See your beautiful Bangladeshi friend
On an old boat
As if she is a beauty Queen
A mysterious girl
Who is a poet and story author
I’m very much delighted
My eyes liked her
Soul wants to love
In the next spring
I shall visit Uzbekistan with her
Is in your country-
River comes down from the hill
Falls into the sea;
Is there any lake surrounded by forest
Black swans are swimming in the water
If so please arrange a boat
We shall ride in the afternoon
And finally take a bath
In the evening write poems for her
Narrate her virtues and beauties;
Hope to meet you soon, thank you.

Humayun Kabir
Dhaka, Bangladesh
03 January 2023

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