December 8, 2023

Qazi Mizan: In his book, ‘The Prince’, Machiavelli suggests the rulers the use of terror to obtain their goals and foreign adventures to divert the attention of public from internal crises. In his sense, a good ruler should be a good opportunist and hypocrite. Since Narendar Modi, the fanatic leader of the extremist ruling party BJP, became Indian prime minister, he has been following the discarded tactics of Machiavelli in the modern era.
India, which is aspiring to become a permanent member of the UNO’s Security Council and tagging itself as a regional leader, sponsors state terrorism. It has become a nuisance for its neighbouring countries, given the tyranny it subjects minorities to, its human rights violations in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).
Particularly, a surge of activities of ISKP from Afghanistan against Pakistan has been experienced in the recent months. ISIS terrorists who carried out Easter Sunday Attacks on April 21, 2019 across Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo, were also linked to ISKP elements, based in Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
Notably, New Delhi like Israel has consistently paralysed the UNSC and fails to implement UN resolutions in IIOJK. The demographic apartheid through revocation of Article 370A and 35 of the Indian constitution, delimitation of constituencies and the continued military lockdown in that region; all points to the reality that India remains a country which has no regard for international norms and morals. And various human rights groups, including some Indian entities have pointed out that the Hindutva ideology is a threat to minorities. Rising hate crimes against Christians, Sikhs, Muslims, Dalits and illegal demolition of mosques and churches duly supported by state machinery indicate that India which is failing internally is fast becoming a fascist Hindu state. Just also see the discriminatory nature of the anti-Muslim CAA and NRC, and how the protests on these issues were thrashed by the Indian supported regime and extremists Hindu goons.
India is a country who ranks low on the Press Freedom Index, high on Social Hostilities Index, and hunger and poverty, while its capital is commonly known as the rape capital of the world. Doubting it, many western countries such as Canada and the US issued travel advisory to their citizens to carefully travel to India. The country who exports fake medicines and vaccines to African and other countries has no remorse when more than 200 children died from cough syrups made by India.
In regards to democracy, India is, in fact, the so-called biggest democracy in the world but also supports a tyranny of the extremist Hindu majority.
It is mentionable that New Delhi claims to be self-sufficient in defense and is marketing its defense products for exports, while it has a poor record of securing its strategic assets. In this connection, just see the number of nuclear material theft incidents in India, its easy availability in Indian markets and do not forget the fire of nuclear capable Brahmos missile into Pakistan in March 2022. So, how can a country whose own strategic assets are unsafe, unsecure and are prone to theft and use by rogue elements claim to be a responsible nuclear state–an aspirant of UNSC permanent membership.
Moreover, inside India, an estimated 20% of urban Indian households live in slums, thousands of women are killed every year for failing to bring sufficient dowry and nearly 200,000 farmers have committed suicide in the past decade. What ails India is the northern belt fleecing rest of the country, and Modi-led BJP/RSS-fascists’ alliance against the poor and corruption are rapidly destabilising the country. As a matter of fact, New Delhi, under pressure from Sangh Parivar, refuses to adopt a firm stance on global human rights, but yet aspires to become a global actor, which will remain little more than a mirage unless it addresses domestic inequalities resulting into gross human rights violations.
Nonetheless, India which desires to be permanent member of the UNO’s Security Council should be labelled as a rogue state by the UNO.

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