May 27, 2024

BSS, DHAKA: Information and Broadcasting Minister and Awami League (AL) Joint General Secretary Dr Hasan Mahmud on Thursday said the BNP’s top leaders have imprisoned their party leaders in a prison named BNP and no one can get out of this prison and take part in polls.

BNP leaders are not allowed to vote in any election, including the parliamentary, upazila and union parishad polls, and the decision comes from abroad which has no relation with the reality, he said while replying to a query from reporters at his office at secretariat here.

Dr Hasan said many leaders come out of the ‘BNP prison’ and many of them submitted their nomination papers today. Many BNP leaders also realized that the decision of not joining the poll is taking the party to destruction, he said.

The minister said BNP is now looking at the sky and the West – if anything happens. In fact, a political party cannot survive doing such politics, he said.

He said the countrymen have rejected their blockade and hartal programmes and the people are doing their daily jobs as usual. BNP’s all programmes have become fade as festive and joyous moods are prevailing centering the upcoming election, he said.

The information minister hoped that BNP will return to the trend of good politics leaving their evil politics.

About a comment of TIB over the next polls, Hasan Mahmud said the organization would see a participatory election on the day of poll. “I would ask the TIB where was their statement when BNP carried out vandalism and attacked the residence of the chief justice, judges complex and hospital and burnt about 19 transports including ambulances on October 28.”

He said the TIB makes statements when anyone gets injured, but they didn’t make any statement when the terrorists are carrying out arson attacks and killing people. In fact, the TIB has lost the acceptance, he said.

About garment labour leader Kalpana Akther, the minister said, “I don’t know whose agent she is. You can find out,”

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