July 18, 2024

Moon Desk: Information Minister Hasan Mahmud has said that the Members of Parliament (MPs) of BNP have resigned with an intention to thwart the democratic system of the country.

The Minister said this while exchanging views with journalists at the conference room of his ministry at the Secretariat on Sunday.

“At their rallies, BNP have been continuously asking the government to resign. But now their own MPs have quit. This shows how undemocratic the BNP politicians are. The government or parliament won`t be affected by these resignations,” Hasan said.

Asked about BNP`s rally at Golapbagh, the Minister said that it was nothing compared to political programmes held by the ruling Awami League (AL).

“BNP had said that at least one million people will attend their Dhaka rally. In reality, only 50,000 came. More people attend our small-scale, local political programmes than what BNP was able to manage. By rejecting bigger venues proposed by the government, BNP proved that they don`t believe in their capacity to attract people to their events,” Hasan said.

The Minister added that BNP`s 10-point demand is another plot to create anarchy in the country.

“BNP couldn`t come out from their habit of creating terror. BNP`s 10 demands are nothing new, they`re making these demands for a long time. Law enforcement agencies and our party members are ready to thwart any sabotage plan by them,” Hasan added.

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