April 13, 2024

MOON Desk: Fascist India is once again playing the blame game through Godi-media blaming KMS for promoting ISI’s agenda. The only reason for this false accusation is that the said media channel is stating the facts based on reality.

Godi media is all out to defame KMS for exposing Modi regime’s fascism in IIOJK, as well as mainland India. After being fully exposed internationally for its naked fascism in occupied J&K and towards minorities inside India particularly in Manipur, the Modi regime has stooped too low to use its ‘Godi’ media to spread propaganda against KMS.

According to Kashmir Media Service, at the behest of the BJP government, an Indian television channel, News 18, in its recent pack of lies, which it gave the name of a report, waged propaganda against a well-reputed, credible and authentic news agency Kashmir Media Service for the only reason that the KMS has on every occasion exposed India for its anti-Pakistan conspiracies, be it DisInfo Lab or G20 huddle in Srinagar under the euphemism of tourism promotion.

India under Modi could not digest back-to-back failures of its efforts to make the G20 meeting in Srinagar a success. Thanks to KMS for projecting of the disputed status of Jammu and Kashmir and also the worst record of India’s human rights in the territory. Besides, the way the KMS covered the naked parade of Christian women by Hindu majority tribe in Manipur and revealed the true fascist face of BJP ruled-India before the international community has unnerved the Modi regime and its paid media like News 18.

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