March 3, 2024

Cox’s Bazar Correspondent: With the aim of establishing the welfare, dignity and rights of musicians, the largest organization “Cox’s Bazar Zilla Sangeet Shilpi Kalyan Parishad” has been formed for the first time in the sea city of Cox’s Bazar with talented musicians scattered across the district.
On Monday afternoon, an exchange meeting was organized with more than 60 talented musicians from different parts of the district at Sagarika Restaurant auditorium of Tourism Motel Shaibal. In the meeting, a convening committee was announced for the next one month based on the discussions, suggestions and decisions of the talented, senior music artists and budding young artists of Cox’s Bazar.
With the unanimous consent of all those present in the exchange meeting, Bashirul Islam, the music producer of Bangladesh Betar Cox’s Bazar, was made the convener and Farman Ullah, the artist of Betar, was the member secretary, and an 11-member convening committee was formed for the next one month, consisting of 01 representative from each upazila.
Bashirul Islam, the music producer of Bangladesh Betar Cox’s Bazar, gave a welcome speech under the direction of Farman Ullah. Later, Raihan Uddin, Abu Haider Osmani, Alam Shah, Rajib Barua, Kalyan Pal, Layek Haider, Mansi Barua, Mohammad Salim, Mubinul Islam Naushad, Shamim Akhtar, Dhruv Russell, HB Panth, among the senior and talented artists of the district, gave important speeches in the meeting. , Taleb Mahmood, Bulbul Akhtar, SM Jasim, Zafar Alam Azad, Pulak Bara, Mahua Ghosh, Sonia Barua etc.
Besides Nashir Uddin Bipu, Rajiv Bara, Hasan Ullah, Sameer Sheel, Pradeep Ghosh, Jahangir, Iskandar Mirza, Md Jahangir Alam, Md Sohail Rana, Md Rezaul Karim, M Azam Shah, Md Kamal Uddin, Noor Mohammad. , Md. Shahjahan Chowdhury Saju, Nipa Bhattacharya, Saleha Nasreen Sapna, Sulekha Bara, Akash, Kamrun Nahar, Sachin Karmakar Tilak, Priya Dutta, Ravi Hasan, Poli Bara, Kakali Bara, Athenla Rakhine, Asim Bara. Ya, Jasmine, Rajeev Baraya, Abul Kashem, Anup Nandi, Sajal Dey, Sangeet Baraya, Ekhlachur Rahman, Soma Das and others were present.
The convening committee consisted primarily of musician Nasir Uddin Bipu in Sadar Upazila, HB Panth in Ramu Upazila, Mubinul Islam Naushad in Chakaria, Azam Shah in Pekua, Laik Haider in Maheshkhali, Sameer Sheel in Qutubdia and Dhrub Russell as representative of Ukhia-Teknaf and Zafar Alam Azad and Sohail as co-representatives. Rana’s name was announced.
Note that the organization will work with all the talented artists of Cox’s Bazar district for the overall welfare of the musicians. Later, the organizers said that musicians of all levels scattered in the district will be included in the organization. In addition, it was decided that within the next month, the full committee will be published including filling the membership form of the artists, various determinations to be made by the organization, drafting the constitution.

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