May 22, 2024

Moon Desk: Locals are upset as police authorities have enforced a ban on the upcoming Eid prayers at the historic ShahiEidgah in the Mehrauli area of the national capital.Eid will tentatively be celebrated on April 12.
The decision has stirred concerns, particularly after two appeals made by the community were dismissed by the police.Efforts by members of the Eidgah Committee to seek clarification from police officers regarding the rationale behind the ban fail to bear fruit. “We inquired about the reason for the ban on prayers, but the police did not provide any satisfactory answer,” a member of the Eidgah Committee said on Tuesday.
The controversy deepened as representatives from the ShahiEidgah also engaged with officials from the Delhi Waqf Board seeking an explanation for the prohibition on prayers. Traditionally, Eid prayers have been conducted peacefully at the ShahiEidgah, but the absence of the Waqf Board’s authority over the property has raised questions.
MaulanaNasruddin, a local religious leader, expressed dismay over the situation, highlighting the historical significance of the ShahiEidgah and the nearby historic Akhundji Mosque. “The demolition of the Akhundji Mosque and the adjoining madrasa, followed by the police’s ban on prayers, is deeply troubling,” he said.
“The Eidgah has been a place of worship for thousands of people for generations,” MaulanaNasruddin said.
Officials associated with the ShahiEidgah expressed surprise at the sudden imposition of the ban. “This is the first time such a ban has been enforced here,” said Shaukat, an official. The community is puzzled as to why the ban has been imposed, especially when Eid prayers have been conducted peacefully in the past.
Other community leaders such as Chaudhary, Farid, RizwanSagheerTaslim, and others have voiced their concerns over the ban, calling for clarity. The locals remain hopeful of a swift resolution that upholds their religious rights and traditions.
The ban on Eid prayers at the ShahiEidgah has sparked a debate about religious freedom and the preservation of cultural heritage in Mehrauli, prompting calls for transparency and accountability from the authorities involved.

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