February 29, 2024

Desk Report: The true historical document of human rights is the farewell speech of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which was the epitome of the concept of human rights. Bangladesh Civil Rights Society-BCRS organized a discussion on “Human Rights Situation in Bangladesh” at Bangladesh Shishu Kalyan Parishad Auditorium at 3 pm on Thursday. Bangladesh Human Rights Federation President Advt Dr. Mohammad Shahjahan was present as the chief guest in the meeting under the chairmanship of organization president Md Zakir Hossain and executive director SM Tajul Islam. The chief guest said in his speech that December 10th is called World Human Rights Day, in fact World Human Rights Day is the farewell Hajj speech of Hazrat Muhammad SAW was the historical document of World Human Rights Day. This time I saw in the World Cup started with verses from Al-Quran, in which many gay players of the country entered with their hands in their mouths. He said, in the farewell Hajj speech, it was said that people of other religions should be protected, that is a human right. When there are riots in India, we protect the Hindu community of the country, it is a human right. December 10 is World Human Rights Day, but on December 8 we have to celebrate, our rights are being undermined, it is a violation of human rights.

Bangladesh Human Rights Federation Vice President Advt Dr. Md Golam Rahman Bhuiyan, human rights activist and social worker SMA Zafar Badsha, journalist leader and human rights activist Jahangir Alam Pradhan, journalist leader and human rights activist Talukder Rumi, President of Center for Press Rights Kabir Hossain Titu also spoke. , journalist leader and human rights activist AKM Wazed Ali, organization director Humayun Kabir, organization finance director Pradeep Kumar Pal, journalist Ashraf Uddin Makul, journalist AHM Jamal, Ismail Hossain Titu, Md Mizanur Rahman among others.

The speaker said – in a country where there is no democracy, there cannot be human rights. Indiscriminate shooting and killing of people is a gross violation of human rights. Calling on the government; To fully establish the basic human rights of people to speak, food, shelter, education and health care. Even after 51 years of independence, it is difficult to think that we do not have the right to vote. People’s right to vote has been taken away by voting during the day at night. There is a strong demand to restore the people’s right to vote and democracy without delay and to bring the killers of innocent innocent people to justice. At the beginning of the discussion, journalist Faizullah Manik recited from the Qur’an. After that, the executive director of the organization, SM Tajul Islam, published a report on human rights violations for the last 1 year from December 2021 to November 2022.

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