June 13, 2024

4 years of intense waiting has ended. Once again the global sporting event, the FIFA World Cup football tournament is about to kick-off from today. As much as we are elated beside the rest of the world, we also considered it as a commitment to our readers to celebrate this widely followed sporting event with a special supplement.

However, this year’s World Cup Football arrives in the midst of an ongoing war, mounting inflation, a looming global energy crisis, a fast polarizing world triggered by geo-political tensions and unprecedented climate disasters. Yet, despite all calamities – FIFA World Cup brings hope, joy and respite to billions of people – binding them in a sporting spirit all across the world.

Football is a game where a team of 11 players’ battle in the field breathing in a single heartbeat, but with a magical power attracting billions to erupt in joy , hope , sorrow to aspirations.

Out of 195 countries in the world today, only 32 countries have qualified for the global sporting event scheduled to last for an exciting three weeks in Middle East’s Qatar.

We offer our best wishes to all participating countries coupled with special greetings to Qatar Government for organising the tournament.

At the same time, Hundreds of thousands of workers have faced abuses to make this tournament possible and their rights cannot be forgotten or dismissed. They deserve justice and compensation, not empty words. It is an humanitarian obligation to ensure that victims and their family members are appropriately compensated.

However, FIFA World Cup is not merely a global football bonanza. It is the most unique sporting event where football prevails over all disparities existing through creed, cast and colour. Power of humanity is manifested through pure sportsmanship. It is a sporting occasion of respecting all, fearing none. So very much in tuned with FIFA, we urge world cup teams to focus on the game in Qatar and not let the sport be dragged into ideological or political battles or confrontations.

On that note – it is also an exclusive opportunity for world leaders to come in close contact to one another in resolving disputes and disagreements on foundations of the sporting spirit – fairness, respect, generosity for the opponent and the sport itself.

Apart from gathering healthy entertainment, we believe, our local men and women football players would also benefit and inspire to play better football, so that one day they can also qualify  for men’s and women’s FIFA World Cup.

Let us all unite through the power of football.

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