February 22, 2024

Cox’s Bazar Correspondent: 105 cubic feet of firewood has been seized in Hargatli area of Bhomriaghona bit of Eidgaon range under Cox’s Bazar North Forest Division.
According to the sources of Forest Department, on December 27 (Tuesday) under the Eidgaon Range, in Hargatli area of Bhomriaghona beat, under the leadership of Eidgaon range officer Md. Anwar Hossain Khan, with the help of beat officer Mongyu Marma and a group of forest workers, firewood stored for smuggling was seized.
Range Officer Md. Anwar Hossain Khan said, based on confidential information, a group of forest workers conducted raids in Hargatli area of Bhomriaghona bit and seized about 105 cubic feet of firewood and brought it to the custody of the range. Meanwhile, the smugglers left the firewood and fled. Daily operations to prevent wood smuggling will continue.
Md. Anwar Hossain Sarkar, Divisional Forest Officer of Cox’s Bazar North Forest Division said that the Forest Department is vigilant and alert against encroachment of forest land, illegal timber smuggling and hill cutting. Around 105 cubic feet of firewood was seized during raids in Eidgaon range as part of regular raids. A case will be filed under the Forest Act against the accused and those involved. He urged to cooperate with information in suppressing forest crime to protect government resources.

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