June 15, 2024

MT Desk: The All Parties Hurriyat Conference leaders in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir paying glowing tributes to the martyrs of July 13, 1931, and other martyrs have reiterated the Kashmiris’ resolve to carry forward the freedom movement till it reaches its logical conclusion.

On 13th July 1931, the troops of Dogra Maharaja had killed 22 Kashmiris, one after another, outside Central Jail in Srinagar during the court proceedings against one Abdul Qadeer who had asked the Kashmiri people to defy the despotic Dogra rule. At the time of Namaz-e-Zuhr, a young man started calling Azaan and was shot dead by the Dogra soldiers. Another youth took his place and he too was martyred by the troops. Thus, 22 youth sacrificed their lives till the completion of Azaan. Since then, the Kashmiris are observing July 13 as Kashmir Martyrs’ Day every year.

Illegally detained APHC Chairman, Masarrat Alam Butt, in his message from New Delhi’s infa-mous Tihar Jail describing the 13 July 1931 as an important event in the history of Jammu and Kashmir maintained that the Kashmiri people have been rendering sacrifices to get rid of oppression for the past 92 years. He said history stands witness to the reality that the Kashmiris have always resisted the oppression. He maintained that the young Kashmiris following in the footsteps of the martyrs of July 13 is laying down their lives and keeping the candle of freedom burning.

The APHC Chairman said, the martyrs of 13th July 1931 raised their voice against the Dogra imperialism and shed their holy blood to give the message that Kashmiri people do not accept slavery. He said, the Dogra imperialism finally ended and just like that the Brahmin imperialism will also die its death. He pointed out that the blood of the nations engaged in the struggle against the tyrant has never been lost and the struggling Kashmiris will also see the realization of their dream of freedom. Masarrat Alam praised the courage and bravery of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. He said history is a testimony to the fact that in every region of the world, forced and illegitimate foreign occupation has ended even-tually.

Incarcerated senior APHC-leader, Shabbir Ah-med Shah, in a message from Tihar Jail, while recalling the supreme sacrifices of the Kashmiri martyrs said the valiant struggle of Kashmiris against despotic Dogra Maharaja is a cornerstone of the ongoing struggle for right to self-determination. He said the Kashmiri youth who have taken the mantle of resistance are fully determined to carry forward the ongoing freedom struggle.

Shabbir Shah stressed the need for an early and amicable resolution of the Kashmir dispute. He said that a just solution to the lingering dispute was imperative to ensure durable peace besides putting an end to the looming and ever-present threat of nuclear war between Pakistan and India.

Another illegally detained senior APHC leader, Nayeem Ahmed Khan, in his message from the same jail said that the Kashmiris’ liberation struggle was decorated with tales of bravery and courage. He said that 13 July is an important milestone in the history of Kashmiris’ resistance against the oppressors. He said the martyrs are the pride of Kashmiris and a great asset of the ongoing liberation struggle.

The APHC leaders said the Kashmiri people will not allow the blood of their martyrs to go in vain and will accomplish their mission at all costs. They pointed out despite exhausting all its resources and employing every brutal tactic, India has not succeeded to subdue the Kashmiris’ freedom sentiment and they are determined to continue their struggle till complete success.

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