May 22, 2024

BSS, CHATTOGRAM: The price of diesel and kerosene have been reduced by 75 paise per litre, octane by Taka 4 and petrol by Taka 3 respectively, according to the energy and mineral resources division gazette notification issued today.

Now the price of diesel and kerosene will be Tk. 108.25 per litre, while the price of octane will be Taka 126 and petrol Taka 122 which will be effective from tomorrow.

The government will adjust the price of the fuel every month in accordance with the price of the fuel in the world market. If the price of fuel goes up in the world market, it will be increased in the country. Besides, if it will decrease in the world market, it will be decreased according here, said the notification.

It is noted that although the price of the fuel was adjusted in the country, diesel is currently being sold at Tk. 133.57 per liter (92.76 Rupee or 1 rupee = Tk. 1.44) and petrol is being sold at Tk. 152.68 per liter in Kolkata, India, which is Tk. 24.57 and Tk. 27.68 higher than Bangladesh.

Earlier, State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid said the government will adjust fuel prices every month on the basis of the fuel price in the global market.
“We want to adjust the fuel prices every month. If we begin price adjustment from the current month, fuel prices may go down this month on the basis of the global market,” he said.

About oil prices may go down, Nasrul Hamid mentioned that the government’s main target is to reduce the price of diesel as it is a widely used fuel for different purposes including the transport sector.

He said the adjustment of the fuel price will have an impact on its users including the transport sector.

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