May 27, 2024

Moon Desk: INDIA’s Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh, indirectly accepted “The Guardian Report” about the killing of twenty Pakistanis through its operatives within Pakistan. In an interview with CNN, Mr. Singh further reiterated, “If any terrorist tries to disturb the country’s peace, we will give a befitting reply. If they (terrorists) run back to Pakistan, toh Pakistan mein ghus ke maarenge (We will go there and kill them). This statement is an open acceptance of Indian aggressive designs against Pakistan.
Pakistani intelligence agencies have timely communicated to India and world at large about the involvement of Indian RAW on most of the terrorist activities inside Pakistan. This Indian terrorism against Pakistan is being implemented through three main strategies; (a) directly hiring of terrorists from within Pakistan by RAW operatives, (b) using Iranian and Afghan soil for terrorism all along western borders of Pakistan and (c) making use of separatist elements like Baloch sub-nationalists.
The twenty killings as reported by The Guardian have been covertly done by unknown assailants in Pakistan since 2020 is a case in point which Pakistan clearly blamed RAW and India, but the world remained mysteriously quiet.
“These deaths were orchestrated by Indian intelligence sleeper-cells mostly operating out of the United Arab Emirates”. It is worth mentioning that India RAW is deeply entrenched in the UAE and some other key states of the Middle East. It is easy for RAW operatives and sleeper-cells to get in touch with Pakistani dissidents for execution of those individuals whom India considered as anti-India and threats against its illegal occupation in IIOJK. Through such killings, India wanted to achieve its target of destabilizing Pakistan and to create a scare in Pakistan.
Statements of the Indian Prime Minister, its Defence Minister and other officials provide clear evidence of New Delhi’s aggressive strategy against Pakistan.
Pakistan needs to share the evidence of Indian aggression and terrorism against Pakistan and Pakistani nationals with the international community. Besides, Pakistanis must devise a clear strategy to counter Indian aggression and terrorism.

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