May 22, 2024

Moon Desk: The last days of October saw hate speeches are being delivered in the state of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Three instances of hate speech targeting the Muslim community in Bihar were reported by Hindutva Watch on ‘X’ (formerly Twitter) while one stance was from UP.The speakers in each reported instance have peddled false conspiracy theories, justified as well as raised calls for violence against Muslims and spread a hateful divisive ideology.

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On 29 Oct, 23 A hate speech targeting the Muslim community was delivered by Hindu supremacist monk Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati at an event in Patna. In his speech, he demonized the Muslim community and justified the use of violence against Indian Muslims while using disinformation from the Israeli-Hamas war. In addition to this, he weaponised violence against women to create fear in the mind of his target Hindu audience and raised calls for taking up arms against Muslims.

“How many people want a similar situation for us where, just like in Israel, these thieves chopped off the heads of small children and play football with it? How many people want these wild thieves want these to rape their daughters and their sisters, kill them and rape their dead bodies? How many people want these people to kill us and eat our hearts? None of us want this. This is why we have to be ready to fight and stand up against these people.”

“For the number of sons we have, we should have more number of weapons ready for them. We have to ensure that our sons are ready for the day these wild animals reach our home. We have to start preparing from now only as this is a long fight. It is your duty to ensure that the day these jihadis reach your house, no one should be left alive.”

“The threat that looms over Sanatam Dharam today is unprecedented.”

“Today, the whole world is ready to fight them. What are we Hindus doing? All of us are siting today hoping that a minister will do some magic trick and save us.”

“Today, India is on the verge being controlled by these jihadis. And, to reach this situation, it is not only the fault of these jihadis as they are just doing what they are taught in their books, we are also at fault. We have gone crazy licking the boots of the ministers. We do not have any ministers of any religious gurus who are willing to fight against these jihadis. We have to fight on our own to save our homes, our daughters, our temples and our religion.”

“If our population keeps on decreasing like this, then in 2029 itself, a Muslim will become the Prime Minister of India. They are also taking over our lands and our temples.”

At a separate venue, in the state of Patna, Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati delivered another hate speech. In line with the problematic claims made by Yati Narsinghanand in the previous speech, he peddled unsubstantiated conspiracies related to the Israel-Hamas-Palestine conflict to give fire to the anti-Muslim sentiments prevalent in India. He raised calls for violence against Muslims and also spread conspiracy theories using the bogey of ‘Love-Jihad’. “Love-jihad is nothing but jihad itself. Jihad takes place every second of every day. Prophet Mohammad has said that even if Jihad is not taking place, it should be on the mind of a Muslim all the time.”


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