July 20, 2024

Moon Desk: Dhaka University (DU), the oldest university in Bangladesh, is holding its 53rd convocation on Saturday amid festive moods with the participation of 30,348 graduates and researchers on its campus in the city.

The largest number of graduates in the history of the university are participating in this convocation. They are seen busy in capturing photos with families or single.

President Abdul Hamid, also the Chancellor of the university, will preside over the gala event at the central playground where Nobel Laureate French Economist Dr Jean Tirole will attend the program as convocation speaker.

DU-affiliated seven colleges are participating in the convocation ceremony from two venues – Dhaka College and Eden Mohila College- through video conferencing.

Of the participants, a total of 22,287 students are expected to participate on the venue of Dhaka University and as many as 7,796 students in the Dhaka College and Eden College venues.

After analising the data, it was learnt that 17, 875 graduates participated in the 50th convocation in 2017, 21, 111 in the 51st convocation in 2018; and 20, 796 graduates participated in the 52nd convocation in 2019.

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