December 3, 2023

Advocate Md. Rayhan Ali: Man is the best creature on earth. It is these people who live socially on the earth’s surface. Recently, a case of dehumanization in the media has shocked the public mind. Even though the news of such an incident appeared in various newspapers, the report of Bangladesh Journal came like this – the burial of Monir Ahmed (65) was completed after the death of his father in the yard after the death of his father in a dispute over money. About 40 hours after his death on Monday, December 26 at 10 a.m., he was buried in the family cemetery after a prayer in Dighir Par area of Baruthan village of Karnaphuli upazila. The day before the incident, on Sunday afternoon, 5 children got involved in a dispute over the division of Tk. That day they left the father’s body in a freezer ambulance and got involved in a disputeThe children did not even mind the delay in their father’s burial. Later in the evening, when the locals informed the police and the chairman, they reached the spot and held a meeting with the children. This caused a delay of about 40 hours in the burial of the body. In the meeting, it was decided to divide the rest of the money equally among all the children after deducting the medical expenses from the deposit of 50 lakh taka. Then on Monday at ten o’clock in the morning, the Janaza was held at Monir Ahmad’s prayer. Deceased Monir Ahmad is a retired officer of Padma Oil. He was suffering from cancer for a long time. He died on December 24 around 7 pm in a private hospital in the city. He was brought home from the hospital at eleven o’clock that night. When the dead body was brought home, the brothers started quarreling with his daughter Baby Akhter. Locals said that due to the dispute regarding Monir Ahmad’s retirement money, two sons and three daughters were having a dispute with the maid, Baby Akhtar, and other siblings. He died while undergoing treatment at a hospital in Chittagong city around 7:30 pm on Saturday. After dying, they brought the body in an air-conditioned ambulance and left the body on the road next to the house. After that, there was a quarrel between the siblings over the sharing of money in retirement. A social meeting was also held on Sunday morning with UP members and local people. Bara Utan Union Parishad chairman Didarul Alam said that Monir Ahmed’s children left the body in an air-conditioned ambulance on the road after sharing the retirement money. The body was lying on the road till Sunday night. Later, after the public representatives and Upazila Nirbahi Officer Mamunur Rashid buried the old man’s body, the old man’s children gave permission to bury the old man’s body when they assured him that his retirement money would be distributed equally between his sons and daughters.
The news mentioned is not that we are hearing anew. We hear many such incidents from time to time. We are moving day by day! We are very modern now. We have made many improvements. But the big question is how much we have improved our human values! Our mental modernity is mostly on the books, but the statistics of its progress in reality are quite difficult. There are also cases where parents donate kidneys for their children and die after falling ill themselves. Also, a few days ago there was an incident on social media. The incident is like this – a mother does not have a child, after a long time the mother became pregnant by the will of the creator, the mother is very happy. The pregnant mother was taken to the hospital for delivery. At the hospital, the doctor examined and found that it may not be possible to save both the mother and the baby together during delivery. Then the doctor wondered what to do. Finally, he decided to tell the pregnant mother. When informed, the pregnant mother said in one word, I don’t want to live, save my child. Then the doctor operated and saved the child alive and the pregnant mother left the world after seeing the child. This is mother’s caste. Such incidents are truly heart-wrenching. A parent wants to sacrifice everything in his life to see a smile on his child’s face. Even if it is the exchange of life, he sacrifices himself for the happiness and peace of the child. He worked tirelessly to raise his children as human beings. One of the main dreams of every woman and man revolves around his child. Parents always think about their child’s life, future and success. Pray till the last moment of life for the good life and success of the child.
How much we appreciate the sacrifice of parents today! In today’s society, children often ignore the rights of their parents. It is true that social values or degradation are becoming extreme day by day. There is no crime that is not being committed in today’s society. Wife is killing her husband, husband is killing his wife, parents are killing their children, brothers are killing their brothers. Distorted sexual behavior is happening in the society. As if the crime market is sitting constantly.
In order to build a beautiful society, you have to bring yourself under the scope of socialization. Mental strength must be developed to increase humanity from one’s position. By participating in all kinds of good works, removing all darkness and devoting oneself to human love, human values should be increased.
Author: Adv. Md. Rayhan Ali is a columnist and Advocate at Judge Court, Khulna. He can be reached at

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