May 22, 2024

Moon Desk: Authorities in the Indian capital New Delhi suspended a police officer on Friday after he kicked men during congregational Muslim prayers – an incident captured in a video that went viral on social media, sparking outrage and condemnation. The incident happened in the capital’s Inderlok area when people were performing Friday prayers on the road. The video showed a police officer kicking several people as they were praying.
Locals in the area also blocked the road and demanded action against the policeman.
Regarding the incident, the Police Post Incharge “who was seen in the video (kicking men) has been suspended with immediate effect,” Delhi Police said in a statement, adding that “necessary disciplinary action is also been taken.”
The incident drew condemnation by India’s main opposition party.
Congress “strongly condemns such inhuman acts during worship, namaz or prayer of any religion,” the Delhi unit of Indian National Congress wrote on X.
“The government should take immediate action against the guilty police personnel.”
Senior Delhi police officer Mukesh Kumar Meena told the media this evening that the “situation in the area has been normalized and traffic has resumed in the area.
Amid growing discrimination against minorities, particularly Muslims in India, on 08 March, a police officer subjected Muslim men, offering Friday prayers on the roadside in New Delhi, to severe brutality. In the video circulating on social media platforms, the police officer can be seen kicking and punching Muslim men offering prayers. The video of the assault earned large-scale condemnation and sparked outrage across the country. The incident reportedly took place in the capital’s Inderlok area. A large number of Muslims gathered at a mosque in the Inderlok area on Friday, leading to several men praying on the road due to overcrowding. A few police officials arrived at the spot amid mid-prayers and started kicking and punching the Muslims busy in their prayers. The video shows one of them kicking and hitting the Muslims who were kneeling down for prayers.

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