March 3, 2024

Qazi Mizan: The United Nations’ (UN) International Human Solidarity Day is annually held on December 20 to celebrate unity in diversity. It also aims to remind people about the importance of solidarity in working towards eradicating poverty. Solidarity is recognized as one of the basic values of international relations in the Millennium Declaration in the 21st Century. Solidarity Day should be commemorated in honor of the Palestinians, Kashmiris, and all those who have lost their lives in the fight for freedom and resistance against evil triplets of Racism, Zionism and Imperialism.
On December 20, 2005, the UN General Assembly established the International Human Solidarity Day (IHSD) to eradicate poverty. UN General Assembly identified solidarity day as a universal value and proclaimed December 20th of each year as International Human Solidarity Day (IHSD) UN annually highlights the importance of this day by fighting against climate change, wars, poverty, hunger, and disease. United Nation uses IHSD as a tool for reducing inequality and social injustice around the world. IHSD is the day to celebrate unity in diversity, remind governments to respect their commitments to international laws, agreements & pledges. It is also a day of action to eradicate poverty, hunger, protect planet, and raise public awareness of oppression and occupation of Palestine, Kashmir.
IHSD is a day to build resistance movement and pursuit of justice round the globe with no prejudices against race, ethnicity, sex, nationality, and religion. IHSD is a day help the poor in our community. A day to donate to a relief organization that helps lifts people out of poverty. IMI continues to help millions of people with healthcare, millions of children to access school, to improve quality of education and eradicate poverty and hunger. Stop human rights abuses by the Indian security forces who are enjoying “impunity for crimes” committed in Jammu and Kashmir.
Conspiracy of silence of the Arab and Muslim world over an occupation 900,000 India military forces. This muteness has emboldened India to a chilling campaign of human rights atrocities against innocent Kashmiris. Over seventy-three have lapsed since the adoption of this Declaration of independence, but the people of Kashmir have not seen an iota of change in the human rights situation in Kashmir.
Egregious human rights violations, extrajudicial killings, rape, torture, and arbitrary detentions are daily occurrences.
Since 1947, more than 900,000 Kashmiri people have been killed in genocide and human rights abuses by the Indian military.
Just being passive and ignoring the fate of Kashmir is a betrayal of the principles of humanity. Silence and being muted are not an option.
The Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir is already suffering under a militarized COVID-19 lockdown India arrogantly ignores the international laws and treaty.
If two state solution is to be achieve in Palestine, then the Zionist Israel has to cease and deceit its brutality, reign of terror, and land grabbing by building settlements.
In this hour of darkness in the holy land of Palestine, in this hour of seize of Gaza, the Palestinians are being killed, annihilated, and their land is being confiscated. We must stand in solidarity with Palestinians.
If international law were applied in Palestine, the international war crimes tribunal would have found all military leaders and the prime ministers guilty of crimes against humanity.

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