July 20, 2024

Muhammad Ullah: Recently an upsurge in lynching / mistreating Muslim youth has been observed in India especially during the religious festival of Garba. Multiple incidents have been reported, wherein, right wing Hindu extremist mob have maltreated Muslims in / around the religious festival Garba.

On 3/4 October 2022, 3 incidents were reported where state machinery supported Hindu extremists in their anti-Muslim agenda:- In the State of Gujarat, Nine Muslim men are being publicly flogged by Hindu extremists while crowd chanted nationalist slogans.

The State machinery including Police Officials supervised and supported flogging of Muslim youth. The incident happened when a mob of Hindus teased/chanted anti Islam slogans in the Muslim community area.

In a separate incident in Jharkand, 22-year-old Ejaz Ansari was beaten to death by RSS mob with axes and sticks (video attached).

In Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, 19 Muslim youth were arrested on the fake charges of distributing Hindu Religious festival ‘Garba’ and subsequently, on the same houses of 3 of these Muslims were bulldozed by the administration.

International Human Rights Foundation took notice of the incident and has asked Govt of India to take notice of the incident.

India becoming a Hindu Rashtra where Muslims will be forced to live as a second class citizens and will be persecuted/murdered.

Islamophobic India; Hindu hateful ideology being propagated and supported by Indian media and state machinery. Demeaning Muslims and accusing them of fake/bogus charges. Demolishing their house/living abodes without legal course.

International HR Organizations should take notice of human right violations and rising Islamophobic in India.

India a State where 11 Hindu men convicted of gang-rape of BilkisBano are released, given heroic welcome & garlanded and Muslims lynched, flogged and their housed razed by a Hindu mob in cahoots with state machinery.

Ironically, the India Police and Justice System remain complicit to right wing wing Hindu Nationalist in their agenda of marginalizing/lynching Muslims.

Hindu mob flogging Muslim youth in presence of police officials. Houses of Muslims being demolished on fake charges and without due legal course.

Gandhi’s secular India drifting towards becoming a Hindu state. Hate against ethnic, religious and cultural minorities being propagated in Indian with impunity.

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