March 3, 2024

AN, TOKYO: Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Nishimura Yasutoshi is visiting Saudi Arabia and Oman from December 25 for discussions on the supply and stabilization of oil and LNG.
“We will encourage Saudi Arabia and Oman to stabilize the international crude oil market and secure a stable supply of LNG,” Nishimura said in a Twitter post. “We will also strengthen cooperation in areas such as hydrogen and ammonia.”
Japanese media reported that with China trying to draw closer to Arab countries, Japan plans to strengthen relations with Middle East countries in such areas as decarbonization and infrastructure, as well as the stable procurement of energy.
Nishimura will be in Saudi Arabia, Japan’s largest importer of crude oil, till December 26, and will then go to Oman, a supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG), on December 27.
Nishimura will hold talks with ministers in charge of energy in Saudi Arabia and call for cooperation in stabilizing crude oil prices. He will also discuss hydrogen and ammonia projects.
Japan depends on the GCC countries for most of its crude oil and natural gas needs, and relations with Arab countries are crucial for the Japanese economy.
After visiting the Middle East, Nishimura will head to Malaysia for discussions on ensuring a stable supply of LNG, the Asia Zero Emission Community Initiative, IPEF and other matters following the recent change of government there.

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