May 22, 2024

KMS, Chandigarh: In yet another case of violence against Kashmiris in Indian colleges, students from Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir were assaulted by extremist Hindus at an education institute in India’s Chandigarh city.
According to Kashmir Media Service, the incident took place at the CT Institute of Engineering located in Shahpur in Chandigarh. The assault on the Kashmiri students triggered protests at the campus.
Kashmiri students studying at the college said that the situation escalated after a female student from Kashmir was heckled and harassed by some non-local Hindutva students at the institute. They said that they lodged a complaint to the college committee after the female student was subjected to taunts and harassment by the non-local students. However, they lamented, that the committee took no action.
Subsequently, the perpetrators repeated the misconduct, triggering outrage among the Kashmiri students and escalating tensions on campus. The Kashmiri students said that the non-locals beat some students ruthlessly.
The incident sparked widespread discontent among the students, particularly female attendees, who feel aggrieved by the institute’s handling of the situation.
Owing to inaction by the authorities, disgruntled students mainly Kashmiris staged protests at the campus, demanding accountability from both the institute administration and law enforcement agencies.

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