February 29, 2024

Special Correspondent: The Sammilito Khatme Nubuwat Preservation Parishad has demanded the closure of the so called annual Jalsa of the Qadiani community and official declaration them as non-Muslims.

This demand was announced in the protest rally and procession organized in front of Baitul Mukarram mosque premises on Friday.

Arif Billah, president of the organization, said that Khatme Nabuwat is an essential belief of Islam. That is, Hazrat Muhammad SAW is the last prophet and messenger from all sides. Then no new prophet will come. If this religious faith is unbroken, Islam will last until the Day of Judgment. Otherwise Islam does not remain as a permanent religion.

He said Mirja Gulam Ahmad Qadiani, born at Qadian in India, claimed to be a prophet under the umbrella of the British. He has consistently conspired to pervert Islam by claiming to be the Imam Mahdi, the Prophet, and the individual prophet, Muhammad himself.

He also said that in the light of the constitution, every citizen of Bangladesh can practice his religion freely. But the Constitution does not allow to pervert the religion of another or to hurt the religious sentiments of any one. But the Qadianis are perverting the religion of the Muslims of this country and hurting our religious sentiments.

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