June 15, 2024

Moon Desk: Kuwait has expressed its keenness to promote and protect human rights and says it continues to work to adopt relevant international charters and legislation.

The statement was made on Thursday by diplomatic attache Rashed Al-Abhoul before the UN General Assembly Third Committee, which deals with human rights, humanitarian affairs and social matters, the Kuwait News Agency reported.

The country was working to adopt laws that reflected its respect for its international obligations on human rights as well as establishing national mechanisms that contributed to the implementation of such legislation, Al-Abhoul said.

In December 2019, Kuwait established the Permanent National Committee, which prepares reports and deals with civil groups on human rights issues, he said.

The country had also set up the National Bureau for Human Rights in compliance with UNGA resolution 48/134 regarding national institutions and the promotion and protection of human rights, he added.

The diplomat said it was crucial for Kuwait to implement its 2030 Sustainable Development Goals by integrating them into the country’s development plans in line with Kuwait Vision 2035, which includes supporting people’s rights and providing them with basic public services.

He pointed to the strategy of the Public Authority for Persons with Disabilities, which aims to remove the obstacles faced by people with disabilities.

“Kuwaiti women established themselves as an indispensable pillar in building society, as Kuwait seeks to eliminate any stereotypical concept that suggests discrimination against them,” Al-Abhoul said.

Since winning the right to vote and run for office in 2005, women had established themselves as an active element within society and had contributed to political decision-making through holding senior government positions, he added.

The diplomat concluded by saying that Kuwait respected the rule of law, the sovereignty of states and was working to achieve the goals and principles of the UN Charter.

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