May 22, 2024

 Moon Desk: Libyan Government of National Unity Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah thanked Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for reopening the Kingdom’s embassy in Tripoli, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Thursday.

It came during a meeting called for by Dbeibah on Wednesday in the presence of Saudi Embassy in Libya Charge d’Affairs Ahmed bin Abdullah Al-Shehri, as well as several ambassadors of Arab, Islamic and African countries assigned to Libya.

The meeting discussed several topics on relations with the North African country.

Meanwhile, Riyadh Airports and the Royal Institute of Traditional Arts recently inaugurated the “Our Heritage, Our Identity” mural at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh.

The mural’s bricks highlight various civilizations, each embodying their originality, artistry and distinctiveness. A total of 401 bricks were made by visitors from the participating delegation of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee at its 45th session, held in Riyadh in September 2023.

The mural brought together the arts of 25 countries, each detail conveying broad themes of interconnection. (SPA)

This artistic work supports the presence of cultural heritage in events and initiatives out of belief in the influence of traditional arts at all levels. It follows modern requirements, as well as deepening the national identity conveyed by traditional arts and promoting them locally and globally as a reflection of timeless civilization and beauty.

The mural brought together the arts of 25 countries, each detail conveying broad themes of interconnection, cohesion and the strength of holding on to heritage and civilization.

The importance of displaying this mural inside the airport lies in accompanying the eyes of visitors and travelers entering and leaving the airport in the capital, Riyadh, allowing them to contemplate an elite set of traditional world arts on a single facade.

The mural is adorned with traditional Saudi arts, including the distinctive Sadu art, known for its artistic depth, its overwhelming national spirit and the beauty of its intricate details, in addition to the brick of the Rose of Taif, whose pure fragrance permeates the surrounding bricks. The brick of the Hasawi Bisht also lends an authentic touch to the mural.

Riyadh Airports has adopted an optimal access policy through King Khalid International Airport to showcase the art, targeting travelers to and from Riyadh and reflecting, through this collaboration, the culture and heritage of the society.

The Royal Institute of Traditional Arts plays a leading role in highlighting national identity and enriching Saudi traditional arts. It works to represent the Kingdom’s culture by promoting the rich cultural heritage of traditional arts and related artistic works, preserving their authenticity, supporting national talents and practitioners, and encouraging enthusiasts to learn, master and develop traditional arts.

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