May 22, 2024

AN, RIYADH: Misk CEO Badr Al-Badr has announced the winner of the Misk Arts Competition, which aims to promote the Kingdom’s creative community.

Mohannad Bahari was revealed as the winner by public vote on the last day of the Misk Global Forum.

He will receive a financial reward and series of benefits.

Al-Badr said: “The dreamers are not always appreciated; some dreamers were hanged, some were vilified, some were in prison, only to be found or believed, or appreciated long after their deaths, yet we are very fortunate to live in a place and a time that celebrates dreamers.”

He added: “The founder of the Misk Foundation, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, once said we tried to work only with dreamers, those who create new things. We celebrate dreamers here, and this is an opportunity for you.”

Eight talented artists were selected to take part in this year’s Misk Arts Competition, which was supported by the Misk Arts Institute in collaboration with the foundation.

Dia Mrad, Nada Al-Shahrani, Hashem Al-Sharif, Mohannad Bahari, Maha Al-Sabhan, Mohammed Al-Jubran, Renad Al-Tufayl and Rashid Al-Subaie competed for the top prize.

Their works were presented for visitors at the Misk Global Forum in response to this year’s theme, “The Big Now.”

The eight artists were selected to take part by a committee.

The Misk Arts Competition is held annually by the Misk Arts Institute, inviting both Saudi and international artists across multiple disciplines to showcase their works.

Artists at Misk Arts Institute receive the benefits of the institute’s systems of support, expertise and education, and are offered access to innovative programs to help elevate the Kingdom’s creatives.

Artists are encouraged to address the themes of the Misk Global Forum, which presents important topics relevant to local and international audiences.

Misk Arts Institute, a subsidiary of the Misk Foundation, is a nonprofit cultural arts organization established in 2017.

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