June 16, 2024

Entertainment Correspondent: Cinematographer Mithu Monir is working in tune with the times. Institutional name is Monir Hossain. Born- Hasnabad Village in Raipura Upazila under Narsingdi District. Mithu is the youngest among five sisters and two brothers. Childhood and adolescence were spent in the village. Mithu Monir’s talent started to spread as soon as he came to Taranya, keeping his eyes on the camera. He established himself as a talented cinematographer. He spread the fascination of his camera and won the trust of many makers and artists – and even the audience. Mithu Monir reached this position day by day with his efforts and hard work. Mithu Monir has worked with famous Bangladeshi cinematographer (currently residing in Canada) El Apu Rosario for a long time. Moreover, he has taken courses on cinematography from various institutes of Bangladesh. He has an experience of 1 year working as cinematographer in BBC. Moreover, he did the cinematography of ICC T20 World Cup 2014 with success. He continues to work in public and private documentaries, music videos, advertisements of famous producers, dramas and movies. Mithu Monir has worked as a cinematographer in over 450 package dramas and over 300 commercials. But he feels more comfortable and proud to do the cinematography of the film. So far 3 films have been released in his portrayal. They are – ‘Gantavya’ directed by Aranya Palash, ‘Indubala’ directed by Ananya Mamun and ‘Redoy Jure’ directed by Rafiq Shikder. 2 more films are awaiting release. They are: Aniruddha Russell’s ‘Dui Lingo’ and Ananya Mamun’s ‘Makeup’. Two more films are currently under editing, these are ‘Besamaal’ directed by Rahul Roshan and ‘Encounter’ directed by Anirudh Russell. Moreover, the shooting of the film ‘Jamdani’, which is being made with the grant of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh for the fiscal year 2020-21, is in progress, directed by Aniruddha Russell. He has already signed as the cinematographer for several other films.

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