May 22, 2024

Special Correspondent: The Chief Executive Officer of National Life Insurance Md. Kazim Uddin said that for the last 39 years, National Life has been properly saving the life fund money to maintain the company’s financial base strong and ability to pay customer claims.

National Life has never experienced a financial crisis in the past, nor is it likely to do so in the future. He said that new money is being added to the life fund every year. This is why National Life today stands on a huge financial footing.

He said this in the speech of the chief guest at the Business Planning Meeting and Managers’ Conference 2024. The meeting was held on January 12 at the company’s head office.

Kazim Uddin said, National Life pays customer claims on time. Also provides all kinds of services to customers. National Life offers the single highest policy bonus in Bangladesh. On National Insurance Day 2023, the government presented the National Award to National Life for paying claims of Tk 1051 crore in 2022. Apart from this, various national and international professional organizations are awarding National Life for maintaining corporate governance, financial transparency and accountability and publishing transparent financial reports.

South Asian Federation of Accountants-SAFA Gold Award is one of them. Through these achievements, National Life is taking the country’s insurance industry forward.

About 1000 successful insurance workers from all over the country who achieved the business of 2023 participated in the event.

Additonal Managing Director of the company Md. Khosru Chowdhury, DMD & CFO Prabir Chandra Das FCA, AMD Md. Abul Kasem, AMD. Khurshid Alam Patwari, AMD Mostafizur Rahman, SEVP Bahar Uddin Majumdar, SEVP Md. Enamul Haque, Company Secretary Abdul Wahab Mian and Takaful Central Coordinator GM Helal Uddin along with senior executives attended the meeting.


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