June 16, 2024


Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Nature is your place of magic,

All the beauties are embodied in you.

I get inspiration from you every word,

You are my inspiration…


The star in the sky is the shining sun,

The moon that lights up the sky at night.

Tears shed on morning dews,

Devotion to the whole is beautiful.


Yellow hills and green expanses,

Dry desert, blue, blue sea.

Your beauty is indescribable,

Artists, poets, all are weak.



The years of my irrevocable youth,

Tears in my eyes, trembling in my heart.

I sent a letter to my teacher,

The last bell rings…


Goodbye, dear teachers,

Goodbye, dear school.

We wrote wings for you to fly,

I write poetry from my heart.


Will stay in my heart forever

The training given by my teachers.

When I first stepped,

Holding my hand as my child…


I’m perfect because of you

The sun shone on my heart.

I’m leaving you today

I have longing tears in my eyes…


Our way is now falling

Stay safe, dear dildo.

Our hearts cry from the hijrans,

Goodbye, “White Road” classmate.


We ride towards dreams,

Although the school is far from the bosom.

You are still in your heart,

Drummer last call…


Translator: Jakhongir NOMOZOV

The owner of the “Abay” medal of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the “Commemorative badge of the International Amir Temur Public Fund”, “My garden will not forget” Usman Nasir, “”Science Pride     ” Commemorative Badges. Member of the “World Talents” International  Association.

Nature is the only Book, each page of which is full of deep content.


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