May 29, 2024

MA Mannan, Bhola: Installation of “N Alam Filling Station” adjunct to Bhola-Charfashan highway under Bhola Sadar is in a trap of local obstruction and litigation.

Yesterday (January 4) during the on-site inspection, local Abdul Hai Lalu said, I filed a writ petition under section 144 and 147 in the court on December 18, 2023 when they tried to forcefully enter the property against my SA Khatian No.-579 Dag No.-2990 in the name of setting up a filling station”.

According to local reports, the residents of the area have filed a complaint with the District Commissioner to stop the setting up the stations on the rented land and have erected a human chain with the same demand.

Nore Alam Shikder, owner of the N Alam Filling Station said, LPG is cost effective and environment friendly compared to petrol-octane. I got permission from Directorate of Explosives on 26th November, 2023 to set up LPG filling station. Earlier permission was obtained from Bhola Environment Department on March 23 and permission from Fire Service is in the same month, work is in progress.

In this regard, local UP chairman Mansoor Alam said, Nur Alam Sikdar has contacted with me. But, there is a electricity line over the site and houses next to it. Besides, local Abdul Hai Lalu has filed a case stating objection to this land.

Meanwhile, Tota Mia, Assistant Director of Environment Department, Bhola said, we have approved the LPG station. Complaints will be investigated if the filling station is in breaching of the installation policy.

In response to a query, NDC Abu Saeed said, “The land is exempt and tex has been paid up to date. In the public interest, the filling station would be at a safe site.


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