May 27, 2024

BSS, DHAKA:  Awami League (AL) General Secretary Obaidul Quader on Thursday said the country’s people will start non-cooperation against BNP as the party is carrying out anti-election and terrorist acts and arson attacks.

“The BNP, fleeing from the field of the movement, has started non-cooperation movement now. This time, the people will begin non-cooperation against BNP,” he told a press conference at AL President’s Dhanmondi political office here this afternoon.

Quader, also the road transport and bridges minister, said BNP has now called for non-cooperation movement but non-cooperation has begun against BNP-Jamaat who are out to foil the election.

“The instance of this is that you will see everything normal in haat-bazaars (markets) of Bangladesh,” he said.

He said BNP leaders were saying that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her ministers and leaders would flee away and they would not find a space to escape.

“Finally, on October 28 at Paltan, the BNP leaders were seen fleeing haphazardly. This party now again calls for non-cooperation movement. The party that fled from the seat of the movement will now start non-cooperation. The people of the country laugh at it,” the AL general secretary said.

He claimed that the people did not respond to the BNP’s call before and will do the same in the future too.

“Everything is going normal amid hartals and blockades. People are looking towards the elections. The people will not cooperate with BNP,” he said.

Quader said if sneak attacks are not stopped, the people will hold them and resist them. The people will not allow anybody to foil the elections, he added.

Noting that politics cannot be practiced by remote control leaders, the AL general secretary said BNP acting chairperson Tarique Rahman is issuing threats from the bank of Thames River as he has no courage to return home and face the people and go to jail.

Pointing out that AL President Sheikh Hasina has set an example of abiding by the electoral code of conduct, he said the AL president went to Sylhet on Wednesday like an ordinary passenger by air.

“She did not take air fare from the public exchequer. Those, who accompanied her, also went to Sylhet at their own expense. She also paid the rent of circuit house,” Quader said.

AL Organising Secretary BM Mozammel Haque, Office Secretary Biplab Barua, Education and Human Resource Affairs Secretary Shamsunnahar Chapa, Health Affairs Secretary Dr Rokeya Sultana, Deputy Publicity and Publication Secretary Syed Abdul Awal Shamim, Deputy Office Secretary Sayem Khan, and Executive Members Sahabuddin Farazi, Anwar Hossain and Tarana Halim were, among others, present at the press conference.

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