May 26, 2024

BSS, DHAKA: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today asked all concerned particularly the field level administration to ensure maintaining building codes and actions against food stockpiling across the country.

“All have to keep an eye on pursuing building codes properly. The codes will have to be followed in every place of the country while constructing buildings,” she said.

The premier also directed to become tough on any sort of food stockpiling and adultery as such dishonest acts generally increase ahead of the holy Ramadan.

She was providing a set of instructions while inaugurating the four-day DC Conference-2024 at the Shapla Hall of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) here this morning.

“We should construct building keeping in mind safety measures that included fire extinguishing management, cross ventilation and rain harvesting system in line with the building codes,” she said.

The prime minister thanked the Dhaka district administration for promptly rushing to the fire-hit Bailey Road Building site and standing by the people.

She also directed the field administration to take effective measures so the three-crop arable land can’t be used for other purposes like building houses or industries.

“We have to protect the arable lands,” she said.

The head of the government, as well, directed that the building codes, as if, weren’t breached in any place of the country by any means.

Sheikh Hasina instructed the field level administration to keep vigil against food stocking and adulteration as some unscrupulous traders are indulged in making quick bucks creating artificial crisis through hoarding of food and its adultery ahead of the Ramadan.

“Some people always try to gain additional profit by hiking price (of essentials) through stockpiling ahead of the Ramadan. You (DCs) have to give special attention to stop such acts,” she said.

The premier directed the government officials to make sure that the consumers aren’t harassed anywhere. “This will be our immediate tasks,” she said.

Mentioning that problems are also created in marketing of the essentials ahead of the Ramadan, she said an attempt is always there to make artificial crisis.

“Tougher legal actions will have to be taken against these,” she added.

The prime minister said the global economy suffers seriously for inflation hike due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war and the Covid-19 pandemic.

“There are countries in the world where inflation rate is 40 percent— but, the inflation rate in Bangladesh is under 10,” she said.

Against the backdrop of the war, the prime minister asked the field level administration to take measures to bring every inch of arable and fallow land under cultivation to grow more food.

“We have to increase food production and decrease dependency on others. We have proved earlier that we can do,” she said,

Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain spoke at the inaugural function.

Cabinet Secretary Md. Mahbub Hossain gave the address of welcome as PM’s Principal Secretary Md Tofazzel Hossain Miah spoke at the function.

Divisional Commissioner of Dhaka Md. Sabirul Islam addressed the function on behalf of the divisional commissioners while DC of Chattogram Abul Bashar Mohammed Fakhruzzaman and DC of Gaibandha Kazi Nahid Rasul also spoke on behalf of the deputy commissioners.

The head of the government as well as ministers and secretaries of different ministries and divisions will join the discussions during different sessions and give necessary directives to the DCs.

A video documentary on the innovation, service and overall development of the local administration was screened at the function.


Sheikh Hasina once again asked the authorities concerned to take the development programmes considering its benefit for the local people.


The Prime Minister asked for taking development schemes by protecting the environment keeping in mind that nature, environment and development are interrelated.

She emphasized on proper waste management at the district, upazila, union and ward levels to avert disaster in the days to come.

The cities are now facing very difficulties in waste management while the water of rivers, canals and beels is being polluted through the waste, she said, adding that it is a must to make people aware of it.

She ordered the deputy commissioners to supervise the development schemes being implemented across the country to ensure their quality and quick completion.

“You will have to supervise the projects and take responsibilities of both their good and bad sides. If the projects are implemented properly at appropriate place, then we can build a developed country with limited resources,” she said.

Mentioning that the country is set to start its journey as a developing nation from 2026, she asked all to take prior preparations to maximize the scopes the country will get after graduation and to effectively face the challenges.

She also called for effective measures to attract foreign and local investments in the 100 economic zones being set up across the country.

The premier stressed the need for inspiring the youth folk to be entrepreneurs and invest in the economic zones.

She said many people at the upzila level have taxable income but the collection of income tax is not as much as the people are earning.

The Premier asked for reinforcing the drive to collect income tax alongside making the people aware of it.

She asked for giving priority to technical and vocational education and proper training to build skilled people so that they can comply with the local and foreign demand ahead of the fourth industrial revolution.

The Prime Minister also instructed the field level administration to maintain peace, safety and security in society confronting effectively the militancy, terrorism and drug abuse.

She stressed the need for enhancing sports and cultural competitions in the educational institutions, including schools, colleges and universities, to make the teens and youth engaged in such competitions so that they do not get involved in any heinous acts.

The Premier also asked the guardians particularly parents and teachers to look into with whom their children are mingling.

She called for measures at the grassroots to preserve the places related to the Liberation War, including the mass killing grounds, to let the people, particularly the children, know the country’s true history.

The Prime Minister asked the field level administration to serve the people.

“We expect you will always serve the people,” she said.

Describing briefly the development programmes taken by government for the overall development of Bangladesh, she said, “It is proved that development can’t be sustainable if a government can’t continue.”

The Prime Minister reiterated her vow to build a developed, prosperous and Smart Bangladesh by 2041 in line with the Awami League’s election manifesto 2024.

She said that they made Bangladesh digital following the AL’s election manifesto of 2008.

The Prime Minister thanked the countrymen for voting the Awami League to power time and again to serve the nation.

“Among the elections which I witnessed and participated in after 1975, the 12th parliamentary election is the most fair and fair,” she said.

The Premier thanked all concerned including the field level administration for performing their duties accordingly in holding the 12th parliamentary election in a credible manner.

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