May 27, 2024

Moon Desk: India’s fascist state under Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seriously becoming dangerous for not only Muslims and other minorities at home but also for its opponents living abroad.

According to media, after killing of a Sikh leader in Canada and plotting to kill another one in the United States, now yet another conspiracy has been unearthed wherein a special envoy of India to Britain plotted the kidnap of a diamond tycoon in the Caribbean at the behest of the Indian state.

As per UK-based newspaper, Daily Mail, Gurdip Bath allegedly hatched the extraordinary plan on the British soil.

India-born Mr Bath, who lives in an £8 million Mayfair mansion near the Ritz, is accused of flying with a gang from London to Antigua to abduct Mehul Choksi as part of a honeytrap on Delhi’s orders, according to a court claim in Antigua and Barbuda.

Mr Bath and his alleged associates are accused of deploying glamorous London-based property consultant Barbara Jarabik to lure Mr Choksi to an apartment near his home in Antigua. There, he was pounced on by thugs claiming to be police, according to the court claim filed by Mr Choski.

The jewellery dealer, 64, says he was beaten, tasered, bound to a wheelchair and loaded on to a yacht bound for Dominica.

Earlier, The New York Times reported that Federal prosecutors accused an Indian national Nikhil Gupta of attempting to kill a Sikh leader Gurpatwant Singh Pannun in New York City.

The indictment says the plan was linked to the June assassination of a Sikh Khalistani leader named Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada, allegations that could complicate relations between Washington, Ottawa and New Delhi.


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