April 18, 2024

Moon Desk : Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday urged Metro Rail commuters to follow guidelines to keep the service smooth and ensure its cleanliness.

“My request to all commuters — follow the rules and guidelines of Metro Rail during travel,” she said in the regular cabinet meeting at the Prime Minister`s Office (PMO).

The premier added that everyone should be cautious in using the “modern technology-based train” and particularly requested the commuters to be careful about the cleanliness of the stations and carriages, reports BSS.

“Do not throw any garbage here and there.”

Sheikh Hasina added: “This Metro Rail has been built using a digital system. It will continue to run. So, use it following the rules and guidelines. Everyone should keep it in mind during use.”

In the meeting, the prime minister also told the cabinet members and officials concerned about the challenges that appeared prior to implementation of the Metro Rail projects, especially in the Sangsad Bhaban areas and Dhaka University.

She said that the government is facing various types of challenge in different development projects of the country.

“There were challenges that arose while we went for any work (development projects). We completed all those projects facing all challenges,” she said.

About the Metro Rail project, the head of government said the Metro Rail route was designed via Bijoy Sarani initially in the feasibility study.

“If it was so, we would have to shut down our Tejgaon airport which has a 9000 feet long runway. And I was dire against that closure proposal (of the airport),” she recalled.

In this connection, Sheikh Hasina mentioned that in the 1998 flood, all the relief goods came through this airport as Kurmitola Airport went under flood water.

She also said that while the government had designed for the planetarium, the dome was much higher in the design.

She added, “We reduced that height. If the height crossed 60-70 feet then it would come into the air funnel (of the Tejgaon airport).”

The prime minister however told the meeting that if the old alignment was executed then the government would have to demolish 22 buildings and that`s why “I proposed the new route via Khamar Bari area”.

She also said that she extended the Metro Rail route up to Kamalapur Station from the Bangladesh Bank.

“At that time, it was proposed to demolish Kamalapur Rail Station for Metro Rail for its turning and landing space,” she added.

The premier said she asked the concerned officials that it would not be wise to demolish such a big station and construct another.

“I asked them, how could we do it keeping the station intact, if necessary the metro rail will go over the station or find another site for its turning. Now, it is implementing in that way,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina also mentioned that the Metro Rail project was obstructed in Dhaka University area by the students terming that it would destroy the academic atmosphere of the university.

“I assured them that they will face no disturbance due to the Metro Rail as it will go through a corner of the university area which will have no sound,” she said.

Later, it was stopped after the Holey Artisan attack when seven Japanese involved with this project were killed, she continued.

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