May 26, 2024

BSS, SANGSAD BHABAN:  Prime Minister and Leader of the House Sheikh Hasina today called upon the country’s people to remain vigilant to the market alongside the government monitoring to keep the prices of essential commodities at a tolerable level.

“I call upon the country’s people to keep their vigilance (alongside the government monitoring) and it will make the work easy,” she told the parliament in reply to a supplementary question during the Prime Minister’s scheduled question-answer session.

Opposition Chief Whip Mujibul Huq, elected from Kishoreganj-3 constituency, made the question regarding the market monitoring and punitive measures to stop the unethical jobs of traders and businessmen.

Mentioning that there are also Members of Parliament and local government representatives, Sheikh Hasina said, “If everyone helps the government in market monitoring, then the unscrupulous traders and businessmen can’t hike prices in a dishonest way.”

She added, “Off course, from the government side, we are taking stern actions and will continue to do it… we are trying our best.”

The Leader of House said that alongside conducting mobile courts, regular visits to the markets are going on and punitive measures are being taken to stop the dishonesty in the market.

“Even after that, if anyone hikes the prices of essential commodities deliberately, stern actions must be taken against them,” she added.

The Prime Minister said the government has to keep in mind that the farmers should get the reasonable prices of their produces and simultaneously, it also has to be ensured that consumers could purchase the products at prices at a tolerable level.

“Our government is very much aware about it,” she added.

In addition, Sheikh Hasina said, worldwide transportation has been facing difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Ukraine-Russia war, and Israel’s attack on Gaza.

Regarding the imported essential commodities, she said, the post Covid-19 situation and wars have been creating troubles.

For that reason, people of the country should concentrate on boosting production and consume their own items, she said.

The head of government reiterated her call to all not to keep any inch of land unutilized rather go for production whatever they can from their respective positions.

Relying to another supplementary question from Ali Azam, elected from Bhola-2 constituency, regarding rumours, the premier urged all not to pay heed to rumours.

“If everybody becomes conscious and do not to pay heed to rumours, then none can create any problem by spreading rumors,” she added.

She said that they remained alert so that the unscrupulous businessmen can’t play with the food items of common people.

She said that many essential food items have to be imported but “we want to cut the import dependency rather we want to become self-reliant through boosting production.”

Meanwhile, a directive has already been given to display the price list of essential commodities at the shops. “If the price list is displayed, the consumers can see it and understand whether he/she is cheated,” she said.
Mentioning that the government has taken sufficient measures, she made a call to all not to pay heed to any rumour.

Replying to another supplementary question of Abul Kalam, elected from Nator-I constituency, related to uninterrupted electricity supply during Taraweeh Namaj and Sehri in the month of holy Ramadan, the Prime Minister said that there will be no problem of electricity during Taraweeh Namaj and Sehri time.

The government generates electricity spending huge money and supplies it at subsidised price. But, across the world, the prices of fuel oil and LNG have increased. “Yet, we have the endeavour to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply.”

The Prime Minister, however, reminded all that once upon a time people didn’t get electricity as there were 10-12 hours or day after day load-shedding in the country. “Now, it does not happen anymore,” she added.

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