May 22, 2024

BSS, DHAKA: Information and Broadcasting Minister and Awami League Joint General Secretary Dr Hasan Mahmud today said evil design of politics of arson attacks on public transports, killing people alive and cuting off rail line must be stopped forever.

Pointing out cutting of rail line in Gazipur last night which subsequently caused derailment of a running train the minister said, “What types of politics this is?”

The incident on a section of the Dhaka-Mymensingh rail line in Gazipur led to death of an innocent man and injured 50 others in addition to colossal damage of the rail line, he said while exchanging views with reporters at his office at secretariat here.

“The countrymen have rejected their so-called blockade, but the miscreants are continuing torching public transport and valuable properties,” he said.

About 350 public transports were gutted and seven people were killed till now. Everyone should raise voice against such damaging politics to stop it forever, the minister said.

Hasan Mahmud said the senior joint secretary general of BNP is briefing press everyday from hide out like the leaders of a banned organization. Miscreants are carrying out arson attacks and killing people at his directives which can never be democratic politics, he said.

The government is determined to stop the ill politics, said Dr Hasan, adding legal actions will be taken against the criminals.

About the upcoming election, the information minister said thirty registered political parties out of 44 are taking part in the election and a festive mood is prevailing centering the poll. But, BNP and Jamaat are announcing blockade programmes from hiding place to foil the polls, he said.

About the recent discussion with Jatiya Party (JP), the minister said the secretary general of the party (JP) has already cleared it and they have submitted their nominations to take part in the polls.

Jatiya Party is working with us as our ally to consolidate our democratic process and constitutional progress of the country, Dr Hasan said.

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