June 15, 2024

Staff Correspondent: There was a powerful cocktail inside the drum that was left abandoned on a road divider at Moghbazar in Dhaka.
The cocktail went off while carrying the drum away, leaving five injured, including pedestrians.
A bomb disposal unit of the Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) came up with this observation after inspecting the scene, confirmed a bomb disposal unit member.
The member said it is primarily confirmed that the drum was left abandoned on the road divider. An explosion occurred while removing it by a man.
Based on the analysis of the type of explosion and samples collected from the scene, it is found that there was a powerful cocktail in the drum.
The deputy commission (DC) of Ramna division police, Md Shahidullah, told Prothom Alo that it is suspected that a powerful bomb was responsible for the blast. It is being investigated who kept the bomb there. Efforts are underway to identify the person responsible, scrutinising the nearby CCTV cameras.
According to the hospital, the wounded are Saidul Islam, 35, Abul Kalam, 25, Md Shahin, 30, Md Tarek 20 and Atiqul Islam Akil, 15. At the time of explosion, Shahin, Tarek and Kalam were unloading sand beside the road.
Police said the condition of Atiqul is critical as he was removing the drum from the road divider. Quoting physician, a brother of Atiqul said he needs to undergo surgery.

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