May 22, 2024

BSS, DHAKA: President Mohammed Shahabuddin today asked judges and others concerned to be careful not to abuse their power as he addressed an international conference on the Bangladesh Supreme Court premises here.

“Power is inextricably linked with responsibility . . , Strict care should be taken to ensure that power is not misused,” he told judges and other concerned.

The Head of the State said this at the opening ceremony of the two-day long conference titled “SOUTH ASIAN CONSTITUTIONAL COURTS IN THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY: LESSONS FROM BANGLADESH AND INDIA” at the SC’s Inner Court Yard here.

President Shahabuddin told the judges that the rule of law and justice must be ensured, being responsible to the country, its people and the Constitution as well.

The people would get justice within a shortest possible time at a very low cost and the judges would ensure justice by applying their intellect and wisdom, he hoped.

Stating that the Judiciary must participate in the overall development and prosperity of the country, the President said the government is strongly committed to ensure the transparency, efficiency and accountability to the judiciary.

Since its inception on December 18 in 1972, Bangladesh Supreme Court has been working to protect basic human rights of people, establish rule of law and provide justice to litigants within shortest possible time, the President mentioned.

President Shahabuddin, a former Judge and eminent lawyer, said whenever necessary during the transitional time of the nation, the Supreme Court has established the basic human rights of the people and protected the constitution by fulfilling the duties assigned to it.

The SC, country’s apex court, is playing a dignified role as the guardian and protector of the Constitution in peace and crisis, he added.

President Shahabuddin said the anti-Liberation War forces on August 15, 1975 captured the state power after brutally assassinating founding Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and most of his family members.

“But the Supreme Court did not allow the conspirators’ blueprint to materialize. The court declared the 5th and 7th amendments of the Constitution null and void, and established people’s democratic rights,” he noted.

The Head of State also recalled with deep respect the role of those brave judges and lawyers of the Supreme Court who never bowed down to the gun-point and never sold their conscience.

Referring to the existing excellent bilateral ties between the neighboring Bangladesh and India of South Asia, the President said two friendly countries have crossed unique paths in their respective journeys to establish rule of law, develop democracy and protect constitutional continuity.

Since independence, bilateral and diplomatic relations between Bangladesh and India are gradually expanding in various sectors, including trade and investment, he added.

President Shahabuddin said both Bangladesh and India have witnessed instances where the Judiciary has intervened to protect the rights of marginalized communities, uphold the principles of environment-based sustainable development and good governance.

Calling India as our closest neighbor and friendly country, the President expressed sincere thanks and gratitude on behalf of the people of Bangladesh for India’s whole-hearted cooperation and solidarity to the Bangladesh War of Liberation in 1971.

The judiciary, judges and people of both countries can get benefit by exchanging experience and training programs between the judiciary, judges and related officials of the two countries, he opined.

The President said through the exchange of experience and training programmes between the judiciary judges and related officials of the two countries, the judges and people of both countries can get benefits.

He highly welcomed the Chief Justice of India Dr Dhananjaya Y. Chandrachud for attending this international conference and gave international multidimensionality to the conference.

The President also thanked all the guests, including the judges of Supreme Court of India and Calcutta High Court.

Bangladesh, now a role model of development across the world, achieved Independent through bloodshed, he said, urging everyone to work together to build a happy and prosperous Bangladesh by continuing this trend of development.

Chief Justice of Bangladesh Justice Obaidul Hassan, Chief Justice of India Justice Dr Dhananjaya Y. Chandrachud, Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Anisul Haque, MP, Bangladesh Attorney General Abu Mohammad Amin Uddin, Supreme Court Bar Association President Md Momtaz Uddin Fakir and Appellate Division Justice Borhan Uddin spoke.

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