July 20, 2024

The Kingdom’s Minister of Interior Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Naif, who is also chairman of NAUSS’ supreme council, attended the awards ceremony on Thursday.

AN, RIYADH: The secretary-general of the Arab League has praised Naif Arab University for Security Sciences for its commitment to educational excellence.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony for 245 students in Riyadh on Thursday, Ahmed Aboul Gheit said the university played a vital role in training the security personnel of the future using the latest practices and systems from around the world.

NAUSS had “focused on the successful experiences and the transferred expertise in cybersecurity and health security,” the Egyptian politician said.

Aboul Gheit was joined at the awards ceremony by the Kingdom’s Minister of Interior Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Naif, who is also chairman of the university’s supreme council.

Opening the ceremony, NAUSS President Dr. Abdulmajeed Al-Banyan said: “The university has received generous support from King Salman’s government, which enabled it to become an Arab entity concerned with building human capacities along with scientific research in security-related fields.

“NAUSS is continuously working on achieving the goals of its strategic plan, while aiming to become the first institution to qualify Arab leaders and experts in security-related fields.”


Al-Banyan added that earlier this year the university implemented more than 140 training courses involving 1,650 trainees in disciplines such as crisis management, drug control, cybercrime and economic crime.


It had also added a master’s program in law enforcement and a higher diploma program in human rights and criminal justice to its curricculum, he said.


The prince followed Al-Banyan with a presentation to mark the 50th anniversary of the idea to create the university, which came at the inaugural Arab Police and Security Leaders conference in Al-Ain in the UAE in 1972.


He also spoke about the creation of the Regional Experts Center on Drugs and Crime and the Arab Center for Technical Cooperation on Migration and Border Management.


Meanwhile, Mishaal bin Mahmas Al-Harthi delivered a speech on behalf of all the new graduates in which he thanked the prince for attending the ceremony. The prince also presided over a ceremony to recognize the most distinguished of the new graduates.

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