June 13, 2024

AN, RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s King Salman sent a message of congratulations to UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed to mark his country’s national day on Saturday, the Saudi Press Agency reported.
The king “wished the Emirati president continued good health and happiness, and the government and friendly people of UAE further progress and prosperity.”
He also lauded the fraternal relations that bind the two countries.
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman sent a similar message to Sheikh Mohammed.
The UAE is celebrating its 52nd National Day anniversary, which falls on Dec. 2 each year and commemorates the unification of all seven emirates into one nation.
The UAE leader received congratulatory messages from around the world, as did Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, vice president, prime minister and ruler of Dubai, and Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed, vice president, deputy prime minister and chairman of the Presidential Court.
The US congratulated the UAE and sent its best wishes for the country’s continued success.
“The United States and the UAE are bound together by more than five decades of friendship and partnership,” the State Department said, attributing the comments to Secretary of State Antony Blinken.
“Our many successes stand as a testament to our leaders’ shared commitment to advance regional peace and stability, deter threats, de-escalate conflicts, and drive forward an affirmative agenda for prosperity and peaceful coexistence,” it said.
Blinken said the two countries shared a “vision of an interconnected region and world,” which was embodied in establishing diplomatic relations with Israel, also known as the Abraham Accords, and the UAE’s hosting of COP28 in Dubai.
“In these and many other groundbreaking diplomatic efforts, the UAE’s leadership has been instrumental,” he said.

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