May 27, 2024

BSS, DHAKA: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said the world should firmly say “No” to all wars and conflicts to protect mankind and humanity.

“In today’s globalized world, surely it would be easy to firmly say “NO” to all wars and conflicts to save human lives and humanity,” she said.

She made remarks while addressing the “G20 Leader’s Summit 2023” held in New Delhi in India on virtual platform from her Ganabhaban official residence on Wednesday evening.

The summit was held on the day when Israel’s cabinet approved a temporary ceasefire with the Hamas group that likes to lead to the first halt in fighting in the six-week war.

The summit’s theme – “One Earth, One Family, One Future”- will continue to inspire all to care for, protect, and make the Earth, a better place for the future generations, she said.

The Prime Minister said the current war in Europe with sanctions and counter sanctions has taken a worldwide human and economic toll and continues to do so.

For over a month and a half, she said, “We have been witnessing in Palestine a merciless, genocidal slaughter of thousands of men and women and tragically innocent children numbering over 10,000.”

All these monstrous acts have stunned the world, intensified global distress, and slowed worldwide economic progress, she added.

“I urge all the esteemed world leaders present at today’s summit to call with one voice for an instant ceasefire in Gaza and for an immediate, unhindered flow of humanitarian relief to the suffering victims,” she said.

The Prime Minister said, “A good beginning could be fostering good neighborly relations and spreading their reach far around the globe.”

Sheikh Hasina drew the attention of all to Bangladesh and neighbor India’s excellent relations, which are recognized as a “Role Model” of “Neighborhood Diplomacy.”

“Neighbors can certainly resolve issues through friendly “Dialogue,” as we have proven with our maritime and land boundaries,” she said.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Russian President Vladimir Putin, French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, among others, spoke at the summit.

Mentioning that Bangladesh is committed to a peaceful and prosperous world, Sheikh Hasina said: “I am delighted that our sincere deliberations of the past one year on the G20 Platform, notably the Leaders” Summits, have instilled in us a sense of “purpose and responsibility.”

It has become duty of all to ensure the wellbeing of everyone in the global family, she said.

“In that spirit, I seek your earnest support for the repatriation of more than a million forcibly displaced Myanmar Nationals (Rohingyas) from Bangladesh to Myanmar,” the premier said.

Sheikh Hasina said she finally believes that the commitments that they have made at the G20 Summit will bear fruition and transform into concrete action.

She extended her heartiest congratulations to her Indian counterpart Narendra Modi and team India for the successful steering of the G20 Presidency.

Sheikh Hasina said that holding of today’s summit to take forward the outcomes of the G20 Leaders’ Summit held last September in New Delhi.

The premier said the G20 New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration reflects the genuine concerns and issues of the Global South.

“I am heartened that the leaders agreed in New Delhi to strengthen Multilateral Development Banks to help Low-and Middle-Income countries address their development needs, particularly those related to Climate Action, Technological Transformation, Digital Public Infrastructure, and women-led development, which are imperative for a better future,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina described Bangladesh as a champion for climate change and women’s empowerment.

The premier reiterated her commitment to transform Bangladesh into a “Smart Bangladesh” by 2041, which resonates with “Sonar Bangla,” as dreamt by the Father of our Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

She said that Bangladesh, after nearly 15 years of facing various challenges, has now positioned itself as the 35th largest economy in the world.

“During this period, poverty has been reduced from 25.1% in 2006 to 5.6% in 2022, and per capita income has five times, among many other things,” Sheikh Hasina said.

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