July 20, 2024

Nuruddin Jabed, Lakshmipur: Babu Howladar, an unemployed youth, started rearing two goats with only Tk 2 thousand given by his mother. Now the number of goats in his farm is 80, the market value of which is 12 lakh taka right now.

Raipur Upazila of Lakshmipur No. 3 of Char Mohana Union No 1 Ward Fish Hatchery built a goat farm next to the road. In the first case, he started rearing a goat around 2016 with the 2,000 taka given by his mother. Later, he started managing a small farm next to his house, and after seeing the success of goat rearing, he built a large-scale farm. Goat rearing, a low-cost, high-profit hobby has now become his profession. Babu Hawladar himself takes care of everything from the care of the goats and has two servants to look after his farm. He has already prepared the goats on his farm for sale ahead of Eid-ul-Azha.

Babu Howlader is the son of Siraj Howlader from Raipur Upazila.

He said that it is possible to make profit by doing goat farming with low capital. Therefore, he urged the youth to become entrepreneurs to eliminate unemployment.

Raipur Upazila Sub-Assistant Livestock Officer Md Iqbal Kabir said, Babu Howladar has been fairly successful in raising goats. We regularly visit his goat farm as well as provide necessary medicines and all kinds of advice. Many people are coming to us for advice on setting up goat farms now. All kinds of advice are being given to them.


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