May 26, 2024

DHAKA, March 19, 2024 (BSS) – Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BPGMEA) and the British Standards Institution (BSI) jointly organized a seminar on “CE to Enhance the Export Possibilities of Plastic Goods” today at the BPGMEA conference room at Paltan Tower in the capital.

The seminar aims to address crucial issues and strategies for Bangladesh to export plastic products to the UK and Europe.

The keynote paper was presented by Dr. Jane Gilbert, circular economy expert of British Standards Institution (BSI). BPGMEA president Shamim Ahmed presided over the seminar and delivered the welcome address.

Syed Anwar Hossain, project manager, UK-Bangladesh Standards Partnership Initiative, gave a presentation on Standards Partnership Bangladesh.

BPGMEA senior vice president KM Iqbal Hossain gave the closing speech.

The seminar was conducted by BPGMEA secretary general Narayan Chandra Dey.

Dr. Jane Gilbert in her keynote paper said that to promote national action plan on circular economy, there is a need to achieve the sustainable development goals, work towards for the prevention, reduction and elimination of plastic pollution, to promote sustainable production and consumption of plastics through product design and environmentally sound waste management.

“We need a systemic transformation to achieve the transition to a circular economy. The global economy is now only 7.2% circular; and it’s getting worse year on year-driven by rising material extraction and use. The plastic industry shows promise with a huge growth potential in the domestic market and opportunity to grab a share in the global market,” she added.

Gilbert also said that after LDC graduation in 2026, Bangladesh would have to adopt International standards for goods and services to enhance export.

BPGMEA President Shamim Ahmed said that as the country develops, the use of plastic would increase. “To reduce the use of plastics, we need to innovate and manage plastic properly.”

He also said that investment and infrastructural development is required for waste management, adding that the government is implementing circular economy in the country.

“Currently 37 percent of mismanaged plastic is being recycled in Bangladesh. The re-cycling process will be strengthened further. In expanding the circular economy, he emphasized on increasing competition, taking new market opportunities, expanding products, security of resource sources, increasing reputation,” added Shamim.

The experts at the seminar gave valuable insights into the challenges facing Bangladesh and the steps needed to facilitate their exports. These include economic development, trade policy, sustainable growth and capacity building initiatives and exports.

Abdur Rahman, joint secretary (EC4J), Ministry of Commerce, Md. Salim Ullah, senior assistant secretary, Ministry of Industries, Anwar Hossain, Bengal Group of Industries, Salahuddin Shikder, PRAN-RFL Group, BPGMEA director and managing director of BPCL Khadem Mahmood Yusuf, BSTI Director Zohra Sikder, Mustain Billah from EC4J, SM Arafat from UNIDO participated in the open discussion.

Apart from this, experts in related fields, top leaders of various BPGMEA member organizations, participated in this seminar.

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